Forum Problem: Topic/Reply text and pictures overlays other things

For a week or so when I read a topic the main text and images are overlaid above the other parts of the page. The info box from clicking a members icon, the Latest, Top, Reply buttons, the login box etc. are under the main text and unclickable. I have to scroll to clear them to use them. Sometimes this does not happen. I have seen no pattern to when it happens or not.

Sounds like everything is out of place? odd… could you provide a screenshot the next time it happens, i dont think there is much we can do, as its the first time i’ve heard about this issue, but perhaps Bartv has seen something similar.

Here are screen caps. These are from this thread

The problem also happened in this thread but when I read others and returned to this one the problem was gone.

Big picture is under the small one and text. Header is underneath.

Member popup and header is underneath.

I discovered that the scroll bar, the usual one on the browser, doesn’t work well when this problem happens. It will often pop back to the previous position when the mouse button is released. The discourse scroll (with the date) does work.

I believe this problem happened sometimes when I was not logged in but lately it has only happened when logged in.

UPDATE I have observed a more detailed example of this problem when viewing this post Fire Dune.

I suspect the problem is related to blocking scripts needed for embedded or linked content. This time the problem occurred when NoScript blocked activity from a link to I use Firefox with NoScript add-on on a desktop computer.

PIC 1 is what I see first. There is a line through the BA logo at the top.
PIC 2 is what happens if I click the small image. The larger image appears behind other things. Only screen refresh will return it to the PIC 1 state.
PIC 3 is what happens if I click the X to remove the NoScript display. Now the system behaves normally with the large image appearing as expected in PIC 4.

If I allow the imgur script then it behaves as expected and and embedded animation sourced from there appears.

Sorry for neglecting this topic - glad that you found the cause!