Forum settings, email on new responses


is there a way for me to get an email every time someone answers in a thread that I have participated in here on the blender forum? I sometimes have a hard time to find my way back to discussions that I left some answer in and then I have to drill down the forums again if I want to find out if someone answered or not.

edit: I know about subscriptions, what I mean to ask is if there is a setting to subscribe automaticly to any thread that I write in.

Yes, it’s called “subscribe to thread” and it can be found here:

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I’m pretty sure that this is the default behavior. That’s how it works for me. Will doublecheck.

Thanks guys, found the setting, guess I had to ask the question before I could find it. And thanks for moving the thread, I didnt see that fourm in the list.

General settings - > Default Thread Subscription Mode