Forum speed

This should go in the Website Forum, but nobody goes there so…

Anyone having troubles with slow response times or timeouts when browsing on BA, or more especially, when posting? Please let us know what kind of connection you have, what continent you’re in, and how long you’ve been experiencing it. Even if you’re not having any problems your info may be useful in a process of elimination.



i’m on vista 32 bits and internet at around 1 Mbits per seconds on Noth American continent

so everything should run pretty fast but sometimes it gets sluggish

like this afternnon i tried to upload a picture and when i click on the browser it crashed and it was re loaded automatically and then i was able to click and get to the file on my disk

it was not doing this last year !

also when responding to a post or doing a message i can loose it when i click the submit it goes into wait and wait and many time i lost the message to the post or even with PM messages

not certain where the problem here is but i woud say since the beginning of this year seems the blender’s forum are getting sluggish not responding very fast !

hope something can be done about it !


I often have problems, but I thought it was my ISP as it usually only happens at certain times of the day/ night.

Been experiencing it for a few week (Maybe a few months).

Connection is 13Mbps DSL connection.

ISP is TalkTalk and I’m in England.

I usually have to hit refresh several times before the forum loads, this happens a lot more than posting issues (It sometimes takes a good two or three minutes to post)… It took two attempts and 4 minutes for this to post… that’s a good example :wink:

another problem that i experience sometimes

the sites are not available like around noon for 15 minutes or around super time

don’t t know if this is normal or may be du to re loading all system at blenders site!


I’m running winxp pro, in Europe, Austria to be specific with 16mbit and haven’t experienced any lag or issues, there is a slight buildup of pages noticeable but thats nothing unusual i guess. Posting takes a few seconds but nothing out of the ordinary.
btw, I’m using opera

the sites are not available like around noon for 15 minutes or around super time
Sites is plural; are you having trouble with other sites too? Or just BA?

And noon and sup§er are relative, but it’s all good, we have to expect some maintenance downtime.

Mr Magoo, I don’t think OS or Browser will make any significant difference (open to correction here) unless it’s a hotrodded browser or linux is using patched drivers somewhere.


linux: ubuntu 9.20 64bit…

united kingdom (south west) isp is eclipse internet…

for as long as I can remember posting a reply or editing a post will sometimes (often: at least once a day) sit and “spin” for minutes…

using firefox 3.5.9

if I open a newtab and browse to ba IT OFTEN COMES UP MUCH QUICKER!

by sites i mean blender sites - all of them

are sometimes not available for some times

but often it occurs around my noon time which is aournd 5 GMT
but i’v seen this also around 18 H00 too

could be for maintenance it’s possible
but seen it too many times in the last nmonth !
it was not like that last year !

and i don’t really have any problem with other site like NASA or local MSN site ect,

so it’s specific to blender sites forum

but if the sites are going into mainenance is’n there a way to load up a WEB page saying that it is not available and how long it should take !


Fast cable connection in Northern Cali
Always fast on

Not sure what mine is, but some the site does take a while sometimes to do things, especially in the weekends with the teenages all over the world downloading music/movies when all I want to is umm. . . go to this forum, and well umm keep up with the stuff that is happening here.

Thanks fligh for your measures to keep this fast.

Using a friend’s Vista laptop in Springfield, MO, BA loads and loads, but never comes on. That’s a wireless account. No trouble with any other sites that I regularly go to. And sometimes pokey here in Joplin, MO. Also on Vista, but running on cable internet. Ad-blocking. I used firefox on both as well.

Three or more months of this at home. Just tried using friend’s laptop a few weeks ago.

Ubuntu 9.10 with firefox 3.6; internet connection is 8mbps. I am located in Tyrol, Austria. ISP is a local cable company.

Since several weeks (upt o 2 months) I am experiencing slowdowns in the response time, being it normal forum browsing or posting threads. To my knowledge it was not correlated to the number of users currently browsing the forum.

Another thing is that the slowdowns are on both blenderartists and blendernation, but that could be just coincidence.

In Lincoln, Nebraska (US) I’ve notice some times at night around 2:00am in the Central Time Zone in North America (CST) - I’ve noticed times where it might be down maybe once or twice a week. This is on my work and home connections, which are both cable LAN lines.

On a side note, do you have settings for the css for the style sheets of the forums? I don’t know if your using a different one at the moment to help with speeds or not at the moment cause I can see some major differences in appearance on the forums.

(of course now they are gone after about an hours time)

I forgot to mention, the slow response on posting seems to occur most when I’ve taken a long time on a reply… (using “quick reply”) and someone else has posted in the meantime…

…or often after I’ve posted and I go in to edit my post… submitting the edit can take an age!

Austria, Graz

For some weeks now I sometimes get timouts on loading pages on BA.
Rest of the net runs nice at the same time.

On posting I sometimes got to wait ridiculous long times, but it gets posted… always.
Seems patience is a virtue nowadays =)

99% of the time it runs smooth and sound though.

Northeast U.S…100mb/sec…haven’t noticed any delays…
but I do have a question…but haven’t know where to ask it…when posting …new thread or reply…often I get dropped and have to log on again…sometimes a few times in one visit.

I have exactly same issue, running 4mbit/256kbit aDSL

There are lots of double posts here, i think tey are caused by this evil lagg…

Addendum: I’m experimenting with my 64 Linux set-up on my home machine in Missouri and, even without ad-blocking, I’m getting lightning-fast response. The slowness of the animated ads keeping the site from loading is what really got me into ad-blocking on Windows in the first place. Same machine, just different side of GRUB.

That assumes both are using the same server. I don’t know if that’s the case or not and the info from Whois is confusing because I know nothing of servers and sleuthing and such, in short I know nothing much.

I have that same problem in Ubuntu 9.10 and FF. I had to patch the driver for my wireless dongle (which now works but drops out if CPU usage goes above 80%) and always assumed that to be the prob. I don’t have the problem in Win XP and FF - same dongle.

Not necessarily maintenance but bandwidth. I assume the server is set to backup data automatically every day at the same time. I don’t know about these things, just assuming.

Goofster does all that and we don’t hear much from him. I got a PM which just confirmed my own experience with slowdowns, so started this thread to gauge the extent of the problem, if indeed there is one.

So far (about 20 hrs) it only seems to be affecting isolated users. Let’s see if we get any more response in the next 24 hrs.

The “wake time” for Login is (I think) 15 mins. If you’re typing away for longer than that your login will expire. Next time you log in click the “Remember Me” or “Keep Me Logged In” box and the cookie will keep you logged although all the unread post flags will have expired. Of course, you need cookies enabled.

My suspicion too! And it kind of coincides with the time-lines mentioned above - 2 to 4 months.


Note Ioramle is in Austria EU , i’m in Canada in North America

using the same server i doubt ?

you did not mention anythng about loosing messages for post or PM messages
and being unable to acces to forums at different time of day for a certain time period

it does come back if you wait 10 - 15 minutes but still unable to access sites for short period of time!

let see if there are other peoples having more or less the same problems

happy 2.5