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hummmm…interesting name change…but thanks for the answer

often I get dropped and have to log on again…sometimes a few times in one visit.

Qualifies as smitten.


…guess so…you so wise…

So it seems not many people are affected, and the few that are, are frequent posters. Wonder if it is a browser/OS problem?


Typically get no response from the site a few times a day, appearing to be close to the hour half past (may be my imagination). For example yesterday starting from about 6pm for approx 20 mins the site was timing out. When it does come back, the blenderartists main site comes back first, a little later the forum becomes accessable.

This has been the case for many months. There was a thread about this from December

I’m on a 20MB service in the UK, OSX but seen the exact same on other Win computers at different sites and any browser. All other websites I can access when the forum is down.


i know when it is the local internet cause i cannot go anwhere else!

many time as a test if i cannot get on blender site i go to NASA and it works fine

so there is i woud say since the beginning of this year some access and dropping of the blender sites / lost of messages for post or PM which was not worling like that last year

so something is strange but not certain where/why the problem is !

anyway at least i’m not dreaming ! LOL

happy 2.5

Just tried to report a spammer and after pressing post button it just stood there still and nothing happend.

(edit: Same thing with this message)

sounds stupid from a web developer but I don’t know much about site cookies - with frequent users could it something involved with that? I’m not sure if your site uses them or not.

To me this sounds like DNS problem, it is possible that your OS/browser caches IPs of servers that you often visit, and when it is down, you cant open anything thats not cached. When that happens, try visiting, you probably have that cached and use google page cache to surf if you dont know how to add additional DNS servers.

well why it was not like that last year ?
i mean i did not change anything on my IE on vista
and it does not do that wiht other sites like NASA ect…

but may be it’ll go away in a few months it’s just bothering to loose messages
so i still have to copy to clipboard just in case i loose it !


Not sure if you’re saying you’re the web developer or assuming that’s me? If the latter, nope, I’m just a moderator, and when it’s brought to my attention that folks are having a hard time with the site the best I can do is look into it. I don’t know jack about what could cause it or how to fix it, and I also don’t have the kind of access that would allow me to if I did.

I have these problems too, but only in Linux and Firefox, on windoze and Firefox everything’s a breeze (though I tend to use linux because I have no sound in windoze and flash sucks in Linux).

Thanks Richard, don’t know how I missed that one. It also seems to be populated by frequent posters, except for the OP.

I’ll send a PM to Goofster.


I’m not sure if this is related, but rarely ever do I see threads marked as having new posts. It’s like my account gets refreshed every time I come. I don’t know what I have seen, and what I haven’t seen.

Fligh, have you heard anything further on these forum accessability issues?