Forum stopped sending email notifications


since a few days I’m not getting any email notifications anymore from my subscribed threads. I hadn’t changed anything in my settings.

Just now I tried to update the subscription type in my subscribed threads list to instant notification via email (the same as it was before), and I also checked that the default thread subscription mode is still set to instant email. But I’m still not getting any notifications.

Thanks for helping,

Sorry to bring this up again, but could I please get some help? The situation is still the same. I’d really like to get email notifications again.

Thanks very much,

Hi Sanne,

Apologize this took so long to grab. Sometimes I miss posts here and if you need any direct help and miss it here [email protected] will e-mail Jonathan and I directly.

I just looked up the e-mail records and it looks like it attempted to e-mail your address on file on NOV29th, 2:01am. Returning a “554 Recipient is not recognized. Relay access denied”. Sendgrid then stops sending to this address. I have cleared the block, but can you confirm the e-mail address is correct on file? You can PM me directly with that info.

Hope this helps and appreciate you hanging with us on the site!


Ha! All fine now, thanks a lot, Wes. I also sent you a PM.

Thanks for explaining and for your help, much appreciated.


Very welcome and thanks again!