Forum suggestion: Finished games, screenshots, WIP etc. Gallery?

This probably belongs in the Blender Artists Website Support forum; however, I would prefer to address those who might more likely care. Move it if it is against the rules, please – sorry, mods.

I look at the five images at the top of the page every day, and see some truly stunning artwork, however it is only ever to do with renders or rendered movies (a marvelous feat for those artists); however games are also great form of art and require a seemingly unending span of time, patience and illusion to create a beautiful, entertaining game that does not require the processing power of a modern supercomputer to play.

For this reason, I think that the Game Engine section should have a gallery forum for finished games or works in progress or resources etc. using a voting system similar to the artwork forum, but containing voting of many aspects (such as gameplay, visuals, story, entertainment etc.), then developers could potentially be better recognised for their work.

Does anyone have any objections or further ideas for this suggestion?

Have a good one.

however it is only ever to do with renders or rendered movies (a marvelous feat for those artists); however games are also great form of art and require a seemingly unending span of time, patience and illusion to create a beautiful, entertaining game that does not require the processing power of a modern supercomputer to play.
Make a good still from your blender game, post to and if it merits it, there is nothing preventing to to go into the gallery or one of the top images.

Wanting to have your own section, does that mean that you think the games being made are of such a poor standard that they shouldn’t go near the still/animation finished work forum for fear of being humiliated ? You should think more positive and try harder !

I’m sure from my response you can tell I’m not in favour of this when there are already channels already open for game artwork.

That doesn’t apply to other aspects of the game (as some were listed in my above post), only the graphics of it (though a good point).

I have to agree with Putu, alot of the progress the BG community make is to do with code, 90% of the sub forums users start a “Im gonna make gta7” thread, and then leave within two weeks. The top contributors always provide code/ interesting and new ways of doing things. They may not always be visually stunning…

@Richard Marklew:
The reason no-one posts their finished games in the finished project forum is because there is a finished game forum, and following nettiquette, we don’t like to double-post our work. As a result, I’ve never seen any game engine related stuff anywhere outside of this section. Perhaps that is one of the reasons few blender users know the game engine exists: it’s consigned to a little group of forums that you don’t visit unless you know about it already.

Right, that’s going to change. My next project will also have a thread in the WIP and Finished Project forum.

Great functional game artwork does not equal great CG still quality artwork, obviously. Aesthetically, they can be equally pleasing, but games don’t have the same options accessible to them that rendered artwork have, of course. They’re two completely different forms of art. You might as well post music to the WIP forum just because it was created in Blender with the audaspace Python module.

As a side-note to that, one of the games I’m working in with the BGE is a completely 2D game with pixel art sprites and characters. I kind of doubt there would be interest for the visuals of the game in the public WIP forum just because it’s made with Blender. It’s a game primarily, and art secondarily.

As a side-note, the target audiences and techniques used to obtain results differ, so I’m not sure how much interest there would be on the technical front either. For example, the method by which I animate sprites in the BGE wouldn’t really be interesting to people who want to animate sprites in Blender Render or Cycles.

On the other hand, I’m unsure if a separate gallery would be feasible or really that useful until we regularly get some more graphically interesting games. Perhaps just a Featured section or something with the top 5 current WIP or finished games might be nice.

Do not get me wrong, but posting a gallery image is not the same as posting a unfinished game in the WIP thread.

If you have a game in progress, keep it in the game engine forums. They are there for exactly that reason. You can develop your project there = no problem.

If you have a beautiful screenshot (regardless if the game is finished or not), an entry in the finished artwork section is welcome. This can even be part of your publishing process. (Be aware the standards are pretty high at this section.) The focus is on the image less the game itself.

Hint: If you see a screenshot of a game that you think is worth the gallery, simply report the post (with an according comment). The jury will decide if they pick them up or not.

To clarify, my point for the gallery is to attract users to useful resources, good ideas, fun games and great game art (in any style). A way to show how capable and great the bge can be… As many seem to forget. I think it would even help new users find templates or tutorials easily, rather than seeing at least three “how to make an fps?” questions. It would be like the equivalent having a forum dedicated to useful stickies, but chosen by the community and moderators for user-generated content. Not to mention, a WIP bge game could generate some serious popularity (and therefore possible funding) to finish their game.

The resource forum is for “permanent” and finished content. So if you search through it you will find things that you can use rather than questions how to do things.

The gallery is … a gallery. So you find pictures in it, less game resources.

It seems you are looking for a repository. Unfortunately BA is a forum, not a repository. As such it has pretty limited repository features.
If you really want, you can check the Blender wiki (link in the resource forum) and present resources in a more organizational way. There are entries already but just not up-to-date. Yes, a wiki is no repository too.

A gallery can contain more than simply images. Finding anything on this forum is a mess… The search feature doesn’t tend to work too well in my opinion. It tends to find a ton of questions and less resources, then upon finding the resource, it half the time doesn’t work due to it being outdated.
Having a gallery would serve as a simple way to “prioritise” content by popularity and, subsequently, how “good” it is. It’s as much a repository as the Resources forum already is. The advantage over the wiki is that this community on this forum is by far the largest community of Blender Game developers, and is the primary location for all Blender Game content… So why pull the content further from where all of the content is being generated in the first place?

I agree with your critics, unfortunately the search function is the mess we get by the forum software.

If you think thumb-nailing the resource forum is a step forward, I can talk to the admins. But I need good arguments to convince anyone.

If you really want to priorities resource threads … do it in the wiki. Everyone can contribute, not just some moderators. The threads still remain here, but you can have some wiki-pages with hand-picked links. The wiki-pages are already linked from the the stickies.

If you do not like the wiki, you can still have your own hand-picked links in your own thread (I do have two of them). It is yours, nobody will disturb you and you can refer to it whenever you need it. But you have to maintain it by yourself.

How to search this website:

Step 1: open
Step 2: type something like:
‘Game engine resourses terrain’

If you think it’s a good idea, MrPutuLips, what about a spotlight thread? A thread where each week (or other time period), a spotlight is placed on a resource / WIP game / Finished game and its creator. If it’s a resource, you could explain how to use it with an example blend file (or the creator can point one out). When it’s done, you could do it again the next time period, or edit the original post to focus on another resource.

Yeah been doing that for a while. Doesn’t excuse VBullitin’s pretty terrible search feature.

Spotlight thread sounds good. It’d be nice if it could be stickied too… The problem with that, however, is when the thread reaches an enormous number of posts and it becomes 10x worse than anything before. Doing it in a forum style is actually quite horrible, unless there is a way to pull data from a sorted database voting system and pull it to the original post of the thread, or if the posts could be sorted by relevance or popularity rather than post count (which it can’t). Doing it in a way where the public can actually choose what’s great and, at the same time, having it ordered is no easy task for one person (unless multiple people could be tasked to being the OP of the thread… Maybe respected forum members, mods and long-term members or contributors – Example: I don’t think I would be suitable for the task, but someone like Monster could be).

As far as I know vBulletin does not support this feature. All you can do is rate a thread. Even this rudimentary option is not used very much.

+1 MrPutaLips Idea

How about a monthly (or some other regular) game engine magazine? A little like, but focussed on the game engine.

Could include:

  • Finished projects
  • Screenshots of up-and-coming games (ideally picking ones that are likely to be finished)
  • A couple of tutorials and resources.

A magazine sounds great, but I can think of some problems (probably the wrong word?) with that off the top of my head:

  1. You need people to write articles.
  2. It’s only released periodically.
  3. A lot of work for those involved.
  4. Might be a biased source of information.
  5. I know most people don’t enjoy downloading a PDF – could easily be countered using a webpage instead (or maybe a wordpress blog).

I really wish someone had the time to do this.

The sad fact is that the bge doesn’t get much love. I posted a nice lowpoly still life viewable in sketchfab in the finished projects forum a while back and Bart featured it on the front page as part of a drive to showcase the sketchfab viewer~ but it only attracted about 2 comments.

Bge has pretty low graphics specs and not that many people are into that kind of art. I can see a bge model and think “wow! That took a lot of skill to make, the low poly work is really elegant or that’s really effective use of the texture sheet”, but most non game artists would think “that looks like something from the N64” a backhanded compliment I often get on my deviantart work.

If you are a bge user and want your work to be seen by a larger audience I can recommend the following to increase exposure:

Cross post your work on forums dedicated to the genre you are interested in.
start a blog and get it included in a blog agregator.
Use sketchfab or another 3d viewer to showcase your models.
set up a channel on youtube.
If you use deviantart consider submitting your work to one of the groups.
Get a working demo of your game as soon as possible and include a link when ever you post in any of the above.

any other ideas?

The last one is probably the most important. My current project sorely needs a demo and all the other steps are failing to drum up interest because of it.

How about a community blog? Or a bge blog agregator? My devblog is already included in a roguelike development agregator (here : ) it includes any of my posts which have the keyword “development” so off topic stuff doesn’t get included. I don’t know how it works exactly but would it be hard to set one up which included blog entries with the tag “bge” from various selected blogs?

I know a lot of bge users have a blog, but it often includes non bge topics.