Forum Suggestion: Make Personal Message notice obvious

(ZoltarX) #1

I wonder if the “You have X new messages” notice in the header can be made more obvious?

It is easy to have a new message for a long time without realising it as the notice does not stand out. Could the message change colour if there are new messages or something?

Just a suggestion Timothy. Otherwise, your doing a GREAT job here. :smiley:


(slikdigit) #2

haha! I read this, looked up and realized that I had a personal message! I guess this proves your point.
I thusly second the motion (but with the caveat that all my requests to kib_tph are just that- I think he’s done quite enough so far, providing a home for all us lonely blenderers :wink: )

(blengine) #3

i trippley second the emotion… i too have a message =)

(LohnS) #4

i don’t think we need to, theres an option that you get a pop up whenever you enter the forum and you have a new message, you can even get an e-mail telling you that oyu have a new PM. So i think just change them to suit and you’ll be able to get them fine.

(ZoltarX) #5

Yep, I see it in my “Profile” settings. Thanks for that NEO.

(slikdigit) #6

gotch, NEO. Just changed it, thanks. Everyone, I will now cease to blabber.