Forum thread crashes Firefox...

Do a google search and you’ll find lots of hits about Firefox having issues with animated gifs (the format used for those videos from that site)

Some suggestions I’ve seen:
You could try updating graphics card drivers
Try disabling hardware acceleration in firefox preferences
Try a firefox extension that blocks animated gifs

Looking at the GIF images themselves, not only are they quite large, but a few of them appear to be corrupt. They only play part of the way through and then simply stop playing and stop being visible altogether. You can confirm this by right-clicking an individual GIF and just viewing that in the browser, outside of the context of the rest of the thread.

I see what you did there… it’s tempting to merge those posts into one, but for this situation I’ll let it slide. In the future, if you have additional comments to make in a short time span and no one has responded to the thread, just go in and edit your last post. Chain posting like you’ve done here is something that annoys other members of this forum very quickly.

Now… to answer:

Nothing was “upped”… it’s been like this for quite a long time now. As for the corrupt files issue, I don’t think that our forum software is even aware that a file might be corrupt… so notifications to that effect are unlikely.

As far as I know, there are no new member restrictions for PMing other members of the forum.

When you respond to a thread, the default behavior is to automatically subscribe you to it. You should receive notifications about your subscriptions.

Every now and again I see a 3D or Blender related event in the area, but I haven’t seen one in a while. That said, there are quite a few Blenderheads in the Atlanta area. Might be worth setting something up.