Forum Thread --> PDF

does any know of any good software to convert threads in this forum to pdf files?
after saving the html file and opening it up in Writer messed up the layout and style sheets.:no:
if you know any other ways post them also.:eyebrowlift:

A two seconds web search, maybe useful:

i’ll check it out OTO.
Thanks for the link.

if you have a pdf-printer installed
you can easy use the browser-built-in print-function
(select printoutput to the pdf-printer).
You only have to check for automatic-scaling to the page-size(A4?)
and for the number of postings.

If you end up with multiple pdf-files (one page with posts 1 to 18,
second page with posts 19-36) there are tools to combine
multiple pdf (with same page-size) into one.

(gs =ghostscript with pdfwriter can do it)

@test-dr Thanks alot.
i used Firefox

Chose the Print To File Option and Selected the PDF as Export format and
Clicked Print Button.

It was perfect (xcept for the ads in the pdf file, lol)!