Forum / Website Finished! - Academy Started!

please visit the site (i am posting it here to get rid of some of the comments of “oh it doesn’t belong in this thread”)

Real Effects Studios

the Blender Academy is on the forum and is for members only if you want to join you must register there then send the admins an email. If you want more information look at the off topic chat where the idea started!


Real Effects Studios Admin


Other than the stupid Geocities thing, the site looks pretty good, good design, though it looks a bit small in my 1280x1024 resolution :smiley:


you can see what it use’d to look like if you go to! for you this page would be great but because i had so many complaints about it being too big i changed it! can’t please some people! :stuck_out_tongue:

ya i hate geocities too but untill we get some finanial support it’s free all the way! :wink:

Have you really registered Real FX Studios so that you can reserve rights for it? And Blender is not a trademark of Blender Software.

Real FX Studios is not the name of the website (sure the url) but the site is called Real Effects Studios and i can copyright it without registering… but i am not getting into that again!

ya what is blender icon - i mean how do i phrase that it isn’t part of Real Effects Studios and part of Blender Software instead?

Don’t write complicated lines such as this:

At least in Estonia, to reserve rights to anything(one) but yourself, you must register it. Unless you are Mr. R.E.Studios, the line is not legally valid. Blender is possibly a registered trademark of the Blender Foundation, there is no Blender Software. “All rights reserved” is only to be used once.

My point - don’t act pro if you’re not. Also, if you want this “Blender Academy” to get widespread, don’t lock the forums to guests.

actually copyrighting something is perfectly ligit! and the first part is okay i will rephrase the lines to say “Copyright © 2004 Real Effects Studios all rights reserved. Blender icon is a logo of Blender Software all rights reserved.” and that should handle it!

thanks anyway!

It’s not “Blender Software”
It’s the Blender Foundation

According to the laws handling copyright protection in the Republic of Estonia, the legally correct line would be:

This webiste is copyright © 2004 Your Name (or registered business name). Blender is a trademark of the Blender Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

However, you could very easily make do with:

This website is copyright © 2004 Your Name, All Rights Reserved.

(see? this is me spamming about my local life! like it? huh? do you?)

Honestly, I don’t care much. If your post was spam, you need to rethink your definition of spam.