Forums return from the dead as though recently posted-to

Right now there’s a forum in this section on “Write-Protecting USB Drives” which received its last visible post in 2013. Yet it appears on the list as though it was updated yesterday.

In addition … I seriously think that all forums ought to have a “time lock.” After a certain age, and/or period of inactivity, you can’t “resurrect” them anymore. Part of the justification is that the subject matter – Blender itself – changes so very fast. Topics posted several years ago might no longer be relevant, and it is misleading to “resurrect” a very old topic in such a way as to imply that what it was saying “then” still even applies “now.”

pretty sure this is spam bots posting and getting deleted.

But if someone re-asks the question on an old thread and gets a new solution then other people who find the thread will get all the solutions in the same place. Much better than having dozens of threads on the same topic. Also, what do you do about finished projects, sketchbooks etc, if the owner doesn’t post in a while will end up with a locked thread, not a very good idea on this kind of site.


It actually used to be a thing before Discourse. And yeah, 'twasn’t all that nice.

I think the way it is now is fine. If some topic gets resurrected with nothing of relevance - it’ll either simply sink again or get locked permanently by staff. We do get this sometimes when people follow the Suggested Topics links below and respond there without checking the dates.

I can certainly live with that. :+1:

But, the fact that this thread showed-up on the active list to me looks like an obvious bug.

If a post is deleted, I think that the “last post date” should then be recomputed and posted back to the thread-anchor record in the database so that it always correctly reflects the latest post date.

Part of the issue is that some of the recommended threads to check out next (which Discourse provides below the most recent thread post) are ones that have not been active for many years.

If that isn’t bad enough, it claims ‘unread posts’ in those old threads, the software BA is on now is actively encouraging people to bump old threads.

That probably should be looked into. Threads beyond a certain created-date should probably be excluded from the recommends. The subject matter of this forum is time-sensitive because the product changes so quickly and so much.