Fossilized Eggs

Hello I’ve been using Blender for about a year now and I’m looking for feedback on this render I made of some fossilized Dinosaur Eggs. I just saw Jurassic World (I know, I’m a little late :() and I’ve been making Jurassic themed objects ever since! (Love that movie!) Any feedback will be appreciated, good and bad!

The original renders are 2880 x 1620, but BlenderArtists doesn’t seem to accept images that big, so these are 1280 x 720.

They look like they’re made out of chocolate.

Water at the bottom could use a different colour. If that is water.

Love the detail on the eggs :slight_smile: jus my personal opinion, maybe you show a bit of the shell from the parts to distinguish they are eggs just to add a little realisim :slight_smile: also, I would also recommend some rocks and gravel in the dig :slight_smile:

Excellent work! :slight_smile:

Yes it’s water, I was trying to make it look a little muddy, but I guess does look weird doesn’t it. Hmmm… I think I’ll try SSS and see if I can’t get a better looking muddy water.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try Voronoi fracture and see what I get… I so wish I had Rock Essentials:(, it would be perfect for this!

Chocolate Egg cookies :smiley: yumyum

If excavated they would be stuck with dirt… check references
Rather no SSS, as they are fossilized and predominantly made of calcium carbonate also petrified inside (for the shell check chicken eggs, as chicken is the closest living relative to t-rex). i.e. Birds evolved from dinos (short history).
Finally add cracks and contrast between the shell and the dirt which should add quite a lot to the realism.

Keep it up :yes:

I think the dirt materials looks pretty good, I would try tying the displacement to the color more though. Right now, there are bumps and dips in the surface, but they’re a bit disconnected from the coloration that you would expect them to accompany.

Ok, this time I used cell fracture and Intersect Boolean to break a few pieces off of the central egg. I also added a rock particle system and I put a little dino I’ve been working on also inside the egg. What do you think?

-image size on blenderartists is still only 1280x720 even though they are rendered at 2880x1620

I think a cool addition would be a large dinosaur footprint in the mud/dirt next to the eggs. Also, depending on what kind of egg you want, you may want to add some translucency and SSC to the egg’s material. Judging from the size of the pebbles i’m assuming the eggs aren’t big, and therefore you could benefit from using heavier depth of field (up to you) to help tell the size better.