Fossillis Ammōnītēs

(Jamie B) #1

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

This is my final render of a project that i’ve been working on for a while. Everything (exept the ants) has been box modelled, then subdivided and displaced. The fossil has 4 levels of subdivision, as do the rock and the floor.

The ants were not modelled by me, they are models from turbosquid that i modified.

Anyway, Please let me know what you think i.e - materials, lighting, composition, modelling etc.

Thanks :smiley:


(reynante) #2

I personally think this is a superb render on so many aspects - story, composition, lighting, texturing, shading. This is print quality! I’ll now make sure to keep an eye on your upcoming renders. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Reyn
(Jamie B) #3

Thanks a lot man! it really means a lot to be complimented by someone who can produce such high quality, beautifull art work such as yourself.

I looked at your portfolio and it is astounding! the “cancer” render is a masterpiece.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work, you’re comment has made my day :smiley:

(paranoidMonkey) #4

Pretty nice piece here!
It’s a bit too clean and shiny imho, but yeah amazing stuff.
Love the sharp detail and composition.

(Mattheus) #5

This is wonderfull! The high level of realism is unbelievable. Material an colour composition fits perfectly. Also the idea behind is great, it is different and that makes it a really masterpiece.

Is the texture from a photo or is it paintet?

(Jamie B) #6

@ParanoidMonkey - Thanks man!
I was going to do some dirt mapping to reduce the “clean” look of the fossil, But i decided that i liked the result of the final render enough to leave it be and start composoting. :slight_smile:

Thanks for commenting mate :smiley:

(Jamie B) #7

@Mattheus - Thank you very much :smiley:
I struggled to find anything to put in the scene to give it meaning, and then i stumbled upon the ant models, with a bit of modification and texture editing they fit the scene perfectly, and gave the image a nice contrast between the living and the extinct.

The texture is a photograph that i modified on photoshop, and blended with seperate rock textures in the node editor in blender. The texture itself is what i used as a reference for modelling the actual fossil. Once i had the rough shape of it, i subdivided the mesh and started added in details with proportional editing. Then i made displacement and normal maps out of the texture and used them to create the finer details of the mesh.

I followed the same process to model both the rock and the beach. :smiley:

Thanks for commenting

(deepsky) #8

This is a wonderful render! I really like the shading and texturing. Very well done!

(Jamie B) #9

@Deepsky - Thanks man! I’m happy you like it! :smiley:

spent a lot of time on this one so I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

(ShadowCamero) #10

Awesome job! Everything about it is superb. :slight_smile: This one really turned out great!

(Jamie B) #11

@ShadowCamero - Thanks mate! i’m glad you like it :smiley:

Thanks for taking the time to comment :slight_smile:

(Remade) #12

great work,photorealistic+ good composition.i also like the layering of busy curious ants and the fossil.

(Jamie B) #13

@Remade - Thanks man! photorealistic is what i was aiming for :smiley:

The ants are what really took this image a step forward. Without them, the scene felt as though it was lacking something…

(PhuongDanh) #14

Incredible ! Can you show us a wireframe render ? :smiley:

(youbache) #15

wow amazing render man ! can you share what you did in post ? thanks a lot !

(James Candy) #16

Great work, Jamie! I saw that Andrew Price shared this on Facebook as well!

I like those ants as well, I think they help to flesh out the image and make it feel more complete.

(Jamie B) #17

@Youbache - Thanks mate :slight_smile: glad you liked it. Everything is box modelled, i used a reference image of a fossil to model the base mesh, i then used proportional editing to add more detail. Then i subdived the mesh and used displacement textures created from the referance image to add the finer details. I used the same process to model the rock and the floor surface :smiley:
I’ve attached some node setups for each of the shaders below -


(Jamie B) #18

Ant shader -


(Jamie B) #19

@JamesCandy - Thanks for commenting man :slight_smile: Did he really?!? Wow, i used to do his tutorials not long ago, he really helped me understand blender basics :smiley: That has made my day lol :slight_smile:

I agree about the ants, I knew i needed something extra in the scene, i tried scorpions, spiders etc… but nothing worked like the ants did, like you said they really flesh out the scene. I’m happy with the overall result!

(minoribus) #20

Wonderful modeling, shading and lighting. 5* work!