Foto 3D sweet deal

I’m not affiliated with the people that have made this software, but I thought I’d give a shout out about it here. I wish we had a general CG forum. I’d hate to see this moved suddenly to obscurity in the software forum, but if the admins choose thus it shall be so :smiley:

Anyway, Foto 3D is $49.99 and it’s pretty sweet because it transforms digital images into fully textured 3D models. The lowest cost solution I’ve seen. And I can see it working great with the new quad re-mesh modifier and then baking the texture map to the new model. Unfortunately it’s Mac only…

lols at the fact that it got moved to the obscurity of the other software section

I can’t imagine the results being all that fantastic. If it could work with Stereoscopic images to produce the model, then I would be a lot more impressed.

haha. Looks like it got moved. Yeah. I have done a few quick and dirty tests with the software and it appears fairly decent. Of course everything could be better, but for the price its decent for a small studio/hobbyist.