FOTW Challenge #1

This piece was created for Kris “Antropus” Costa’s FOTW mini challenge. The concept was to blend a celebrity with an animal, having both distinguishable. There’s definitely a lot more I’d like to address and polish, but it’s time to put this one to rest. It was quite the challenge racing to the finish line within a months time, but it all paid off in the end since I was awarded the golden ticket for first place.
It has been a blast!

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Official announcement:


awesome!!! reminds me why i don’t eat pork.


Fantastic work! Exceptional attention to detail - and you managed to avoid the uncanny valley … except that it’s kind of creepy in itself - lol Great job on the eyes - giving them life - and actually ALL of it, really. Hair, textures, surface, SSS, etc. If this was animated, it would totally sell, I think.

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“WHERE’s THE LAMB SAUCE!!!” :smiley:


Wow, amazing result! Absolutely fantastic.

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Nice work man!

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Thanks man! very much appreciated! :slight_smile: One of my buddies wanted to animate it, so maybe one of these days I’ll have it rigged :stuck_out_tongue:

@PHBob @GustavN @IkariGendo Thanks so much guys!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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this is amazing !! great job :smiley:

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That’s absolutely fantastic!
So you’ve sculpted him in ZBrush and then rendered in Cycles?

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Brilliant work, a well deserved win. For obvious reasons, the whole topic kind of reminds me of some of Daniel Lee’s works (though those are obviously 2D).

greetings, Kologe

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@bartv Thanks so much for featuring my work Bart :smile:
@drgci Cheers!
@ostapblender Thank you! I sculpted/textured in zbrush, everything else was done in Blender/cycles.
@Kologe Thanks Kologe! Most definitely. His work seems very familiar.

We need to see more of this quality in movies. I mean, it’s not “uncanny valley” if it’s beautiful, right?

Stellar renders. Great all around.

Not the most flattering look for Gordon Ramsay. Great job over all.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Holy cow, nice job :heart_eyes:. Few questions:

  1. Are you using the hair shaders for the hair or just a custom principled bsdf shader setup?

  2. How many particle groups are you using to get such fine control over the hairs or is the whole scalp just one group?

  3. Do you sculpt in non-perspective mode in Zbrush? (I’ve heard that helps with FOV discrepancies between Zbrush and other packages but haven’t had time to test it myself)

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@bartv Nice, thanks Bart, you too!

  1. A combination. I’m using my custom hair shader with the principled hair. I’ll be releasing it soon.
  2. In order to achieve a realistic groom, you have to use as many particle layers it will take. In this instance I have 10 particle hair layers.
  3. Yeah for sure, I sculpt in both perspective and orthographic. To make up for that perspective discrepancy, I usually sculpt with a really low FOV (etc: 24) or with the new camera options I use a focal length of 85-90mm. It’s essential when dealing with characters.
    Hope that helps! :slight_smile:
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