Found 2 bugs in release candidate 2.69 C rendering

Well i was rendering a simple water animation, with not detailed meshes for the interior.
It should have been a typical sterile clean look a render about a design water tap.
But then instead suddenly i found 2 bugs, a little bit large ones i think.
Worse i couldnt get it away, i tried it from other camera angles but they stayed visible…
Maybe you now of a solution I attach the image below so you can see.
I am not sure on howto attach a blend file in the post but well maybe you dont need that
As those two in the image are clearly visible bugs.

lower the samples then the fireflys will eat them :wink:

lol nice one it tool me a minute to get it but you made me smile on a cold wet day !!!

LOL I see em!

You know i was actually working on another render when i noticed these images area always so super sterile, so i made a quick simple bug. I thought it would be a nice joke for those people developing blender.