found a bug, can I get a remedy?

I am working on a website introduction, so I want six hexagons to fall into place, however, I want them to fall from different heights. So I am using the game engine, but for some reason, at certain heights the objecs fall through the plane. I don’t know why, I’m using the bullet physics engine!

Here’s the blend file, just press “P” to test it, you’ll see what i mean.

I would also like for them to kinda act like a coin when they land, if you know how to do it, that’d be really nice.

If you turn the plane into a box (extrude down a little) and set it to be an Actor with Bounds=Box… the problem is gone… They all land nicely and bump a bit…

Have you tested that theory? If so can you get me the .blend file? Cause I extruded the plane on the z axis .25, and the problem still persists.

The solution work for me. I’m using Blender 2.41 on Ubuntu.


Have you tried the floor constraint ?

You can adjust the distance to the plane…


What do you mean by floor constraint?

In the Constraint Panel, there is a constraint named Floor, which stops the displacement of the selected object when it reaches a set distance from an other one along Z axis…

I think that it is what you need.

A falling object is stopped by a plane, for example…


Figured it out! The bottom plane/cube had to be extremely extruded, which was ridiculous. Hope this get’s fixed soon!

If it is a bug, make a bug report:

ahh, to layzy to register!

Bugs are not bugs until they appear in the Bug Tracker.

well, this is “my” special bug :stuck_out_tongue: