Found a helpfull addon

the download links are about halfway down the page and it works great for window but not mac or Linux .

…why’d you quote my post?
It’s me clearly saying the addon doesn’t work.
If you want to advertise/recommend the addon, then surely a post showing the addon working would be a better one to quote :grimacing:

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sorry got mixed up and posted wrong my bad and hate to disagree but am useing the addon now and it is working fine

I wasn't explicitly saying the addon is 100% broken and will never work.

(the dev has it working on “their” computer)

I (in my quoted post) merely provided an image to make is more clear to the developer, that it’s a legitimate issue in hopes that they’d try to fix it (for everyone).

I just re-downloaded it, tested on both my regular (daily) build, as well as the 2.79.0 stable build.

It does not work.
Since this time it appeared to be a blender-python error, I had hoped to tweak the code to fix any errors I ran into.
Alas, they put way too many Chinese characters into the code, making it highly unreadable to me.

Last time I reported the ERROR (that I couldn’t even attempt to fix), I received no reply.

They’ve replied to someone about the inability to run the addon on other OSes, so I can try again in hopes they didn’t mean to ignore my issue but if they do, there’s nothing I can do about it.

It could be useful but if it doesn’t work, I don’t need it or to waste the time over what it could’ve been.

I feel ya have been trying to get some response on some issues I have too but have given up and trying to work them out myself not gonna die of old age trying to make this work haha.