Found Blender Logo

Saw this go by on a tape a client brought in, and had to grab it. This is from a graffiti art display near the border in San Diego, and I am fairly certain it is a chicken- still, the resemblance to a particular logo is a bit uncanny!

That is truly amazing. One may with little effort conclude that there are blender users in the most remote of the obscure regions on our known world.

Nah. Looks more like a hand. Blender’s logo has three “Fingers”, and that one has six. Also note the wrist.

What where you smoking in that alley way :slight_smile:

nice find :smiley:

…lol great deductive skills Mmphie!

This one I saw around there is also pretty similar, if not more so.


That’s not the Blender logo, it has more fingers and the fingers are curved.

That’s not the Blender logo, it has more fingers and the fingers are curved.

I agree, The colors are almost spot on though in blenditall’s photo :slight_smile:

Are you people all on Crack! He said it RESEMBLED!!! the blender logo. Its not an exact copy! Geez. Sometimes I wonder about you people… 5 fingers instead of 3 omg! I want to slap you right now.

There’s clearly more to the picture.

What are you not showing us CJ? :wink:

Thank you, Enriqolonius!

People accused me of smoking things in an alley!

It only caught my eye because watching the tape in fast forward, I thought I glimpsed the Blender logo. Upon further inspection, I still think it is a chicken head, but there wasn’t any other shot or framing on the tape! I don’t live that far from where this was shot, so I’ll take a trip down there and find it, to settle it once and for all.

it’s a head of a rooster.


it’s a head of a rooster.
NO, no its the head of a cock.
(male bird :smiley: )

you guys seem dense. Blenditall didn’t take that photo, all he did was adjust the colors of the first photo in Photoshop… :stuck_out_tongue: