[Found] I need somebody to model, texture and rig a model for me

I already found somebody for this project but the project is not complete so I leave this here then when it is completed I will add the “done” tag.

Hello there, first of all thanks for existing :smiley:

I need someone that would make 2 different models (one anime style one realistic style) of the same character, I have the drawing reference for her here.

This is the character:

Image 1 - Anime Style

Image 2 (Semi-Realistic style)

I have some preferences to make your work simpler:

  1. no need to put bones to all face muscles, just the key ones for expressions :smiley:
  2. you can use another already done realistic\anime model as base and then edit it, I don’t mind as long as it makes your work easier and the result is excellent (and makes me save some money too ahah :smiley: )
  3. please if you could would you add basic clothing bones to her hair and skirt too, something simple nothing fancy, thanks

You can take your time, even up to month I don’t mind I am a patient man :D,

I will pay you the amount you ask for (as long as it is at a reasonable rate) via Postepay to your band\card account, half when you start working and you send me a preview of the work in progress, half when you finish after you send me an UHD picture of the two renders as preview, then you receive the latter half, then I receive the functional models.

Please be sincere with me, if you use an already existing model you just edit be fair with the price :smiley:

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hello message sent!

Hi, I sent you PM


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