Found some vids in the loft, I post them.

So my aim is to create scary vids, that prey on fear, here is my first one! Spot the VFX! :slight_smile: Let me know what you think?

Basic intro innit!

I think I spotted the VFX - the image in the picture frame and the biesty in the loft.

Did you use Blender for the glitch effects as well?

Correcto!! The glitch VFX, was a black and white movie file, composited into blender, so i didn’t make it in blender, I only composited it in blender, but yes, beastie was modelled in blender, and the robot was made in blender, then tracked into as a plane. NOOOO, I’m revieling my secrets! :wink:

What about the out-of-tune anolog TV effects? were they made in Blender as well?

P.S. I’m in Sheffield - we live like 30 miles apart.

Lol, Wasn’t sure how to make that in blender, so i bunged the render vid into final cut then just keyframed it, which was effect I realised you can just input the glitch effects with a plug in lol!
Oh cool!! Hi. I go up north a few times a year, have friends that work in theatre at the manor operatics society! lol :smiley: