Found something of redeeming value through the 'Badger' site

After countless hours of the Badger Badger flic, I played the one about Patrick Moore, which is at least as engrossing. As I have no life I decided to find out who Patrick Moore actually is.

Turns out he’s an astronomer and the Loooong time host of a very interesting show on BBC called ‘The Sky at Night’. OK maybe you knew that. It’s new to me. Anyhow, he interviews top scientists in the fields of physics and astronomy to gain an insight into their current understanding of the universe.

You can watch the episodes streamed online here:

There’s an interview with Stephen Hawking that’s pretty cool.
episode: “The Birth Of The Universe: June 2002”

hehe, long time host indeed! he’s been doing the same program for 45 years and is now a “Sir”!! trivia: He played piano once while Einstein accompanied him on the violin…

A true eccentric hero of my childhood!

I wonder if Patrick Moore really does play the xylophone…

he does play and he plays dam well

you could probably download a tune through kazza … but that would be illegal