FoundationsofPause - Sketchbook

Heey. It’s FoundationsofPause. I made this video today and its far too non related for my main blenderartists thread. So I suppose now is a good time to create this alternate toy chest thread. I’ll try and share the .blends of anything I post here in the future.

Today I was talking some shit on facebook and a challenge arose. Model the weighted cube in less than 0.5 hour. Knowing the timer was almost up I stopped around 27 mins. Looks nice. I only focused on 1 side of the cube and quickly moved them over near the end of the video just to give the look of the companion cube. More work would be needed to be done for a less verty model. First half the video is quite wasteful so skip to around 75% in if you wanna see the gist.

Sped it up into a 7 min time lapse. Something silly, please don’t critique it, only a companion cube.

another quick speed model. Some tiny chess pieces:

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Some fan arts I’ve made recently. (everything except the models)

The Resident Evil 1 Mansion lobby rendered in cycles.

Back with some totem pole. This first one in particular might be my finest render in cycles so far.

3 sample beauty.

One of those quick basic ideas that when it turned to rendering I couldn’t stop staring.
blend file share: