Founding a local Blender community in Kassel

Hi folks

Just a short note for now: I have started a local Blender community in my hometown, Kassel, Germany. Interested people in or around the city are invited to contact me.


Hi Leute
Erstmal nur eine kurze Nachricht: Ich habe in Kassel eine Blender-Nutzergruppe eingerichtet. Wer in Kassel wohnt und neugierig geworden ist, der ist eingeladen, sich bei mir zu melden.

Viele Grüße

Do you know blend.polis. Perhaps it would be useful to post your anouncement too in this german blenderforum…

Welcome back Peter! Nice to see the old boys still remember where we are. Good luck with your project.


Thank you. Well, I never really forgot elysiun. I just had a lot to take care of.

I think there are times coming where I will post here more often.



P.S.: Hi Tony, thanks for the tip. I actually know it (I’m registered). I’ll post there in a few days.