Fountain Fluids

How can I use Fluid sim to create a Fountain that spouts water up? I tried making an Inflow Fluid with a Z Velocity of .60, but Either it doesnt go, or when it comes back down, it doesnt flow nicely…

Try messing with your real-world domain size. Make it bigger.

Ok heres a pic of the fluid sim and domain.

I’m not talking about the size of the domain in relation to the fountain model. There is a value called “real-world size” in the fluid sim settings. This controls how long the longest edge of the domain is in real life, in terms of the fluid calculation. If that fountain is supposed to be 6 feet tall, I would recommend a setting of 3.00 for your domain. (The units for the setting are meters…)

The ‘doesn’t flow nice’ sounds like a low resolution problem. Increase your preview resolution or switch to final resolution view.

Lord of the Rings Junkie: I changed the “real-World” Domain, to 3.00 like you suggested, ok it does spout up now, but…its not spouting up like a constant stream:(

Ok I tried and It seems that My idea won’t work, so how bout if it was a regular fountain, with Water just flowingd down? How would I achieve that? I’ve tried a few times, but no luck, there wasn’t enough water to fill all the bowls. any adivce on how to get it to work? or how to get more water?

Are you sure you used an inflow and not a regular fluid? Try increasing the Z velocity, if the water spouts too high just lower the position of the inflow object.

[Edit] If that doesn’t work you can host the .blend here. What is your fluid resolution? Set it as high as your computer will allow without getting insane bake times.

My Resolution is at 50

Um, yeah. Set it to at LEAST 100, higher if possible. Why is your inflow velocity in the -Z direction? I thought you wanted it to spout up.

I changed it to -Z beacause I want it to flow down like a fountain, for now, then when I get it flowing I’ll fix it to Spout up, So I changed it so that I could accomplish something, but I will try 100 Velocity

No, 100 resolution. Not velocity.:eek: