fountain marble-statue (contains nudity) updated 7/14

Hi there, after posting my first project (chessboard) about a half year ago, I took the time to learn some basics (at least I hope so) and trying a lot of things in Blender.

Now I started with a kind of mediterranean house (no WIP-thread right now because I’m a slow updater :slight_smile: ) and want to have a fountain with a greek style marble-woman on top.

It’s my first try on organic modeling, i used the tutorial on to get started.

As nobody had anything to comment by now, I’ll make the update here

Added legs, removed some detail from breasts (temporary) and made them more round, I think the butt and crotch-area still need some work before caring for more details (I’m also going to start working on the feet)

Other views can be found at

Regards xla