Fountain Of Life

it was original called garden, but i decided that it should be fountain of life, but then again if you guys have a better title for it Id be more than happy to change it.

wip -

C&C welcome.

nice grass, top job

nicely rendered and all

but i think the grass should have pointier edges and you can’t really see the water just a tiny bit of reflections it gives prob cuz it’s reflecting the world (which i assume is white)
also the bowl in the middle should maybe be a bit bigger

then again i could be wrong
but very nice work cc aside

Nice start, but the water is too calm and too light-colour


The water is also outside the fountain, yes? hmm interesting idea. But yea, it is hard to recognise it only by the reflections of the grass


I like the colour of the water. Gives it more of a surreal feeling rather than a realistic feeling.

Nice work.


thanks for the comments dewds, and yeah the water blinded my eyes at first but i was goin for fantasy look :slight_smile: or what we call here in elysiun “endi look”.

Nicely done, I love your material choice.

very good :smiley: , but it looks more like “the Garden of heaven” :stuck_out_tongue:

The incredibly large grass makes the fountain look tiny.

it looks amazing all together, the grass, the water, a amazing job man

I (and I beleve other too) would appreciate a mini-tutorial about how to create that good grass

thanks for the comments dewds.

I just used fiber script on a circled mesh, i didnt even edit it.


I’ve seen water that looks just like that.

I like the size of the grass. Makes the whole thing surreal.

i’m i love with that grass. very cool