Fountain water simulation issue

Hello! :eyebrowlift2:
I’m working on a scene which I will use as an album cover.
As you already discovered by reading the title, the scene has a fountain and I can’t make it simulate it’s original function.
The fountain model is fairly big, I’d say it’s height is around 3m.

I set up the simulation following Andrew Price:

  • First the domain. A box in which my model fits with some space at the top. I tested the simulation with “real world size” set to default, 3, 6 and 0.05
  • Second, I used a sphere as the fluid inflow. Tested the Z value with 1, 2, 0.5
  • Third I added two obstacles: a cone (to break the water making a more realistic simulation) and the fountain itself. I tested using Volume, shell and both

Test results: No matter what values I use, the simulation works only if the Inflow fluid object is 10x larger than what I need. If the inflow object is too small, no water comes out. If slightly bigger, a small portion of water jumps out which then expands upon contact with the fountain/obstacle or the water stays stuck to the inflow object creating a “blob” (not sure how to describe that)

I’m good at modelling, but not the simulations or compositing stuff, so be gentle and specific… :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Please find the fountain model in the attachments

Test.blend (1.85 MB)

Your domain has a scale of 13.443
Your fountain obstacle has a scale of 3.250
Your fluid inflow has a scale of 0.160
Your cone has a scale of 0.023

The scale for ALL objects should be 1
Select all objects and apply their scale with Ctrl+A

Your domain resolution is also extremely small (65) and your viewport display is set to Preview so will show an even lower resolution fluid (45). Increase the domain resolution and set viewport display to Final

Thank you for your reply!
Finally got the water working, but there seems to be a strange glitch/ error with the fountain base.
On the image below you can see the new issue.

The water settles on the bottom, as it should, only on a small portion of the fountain.
No idea why that may be.
I would love to send you a .blend with the cached files in a single .zip, but the attachments system doesn’t upload it for some reason, so you are only getting the updated test.blend file…

Any advice on getting the water to… ehm…act like water?
Thing is, it’s getting through the model (not really a big deal. All I need is a static image, so I can smooth it out with the sculpting tool) and it is not even trickling down from basin to basin.

Test.blend (1.84 MB)