I haven’t posted none of my finished works recently so i’m going to show you my most recent work: A Fountain :wink:

This is the original image i got from blender:

And this is the image i modified in Adobe Photoshop. I put a little blur on the background to make it look nice 8)

Hope you like em.

It’s a good image. I would use a solid mesh with a water texture for the falling water though. Put some displacement on it and with a little light distortion this image could go a lot further.


I like the water… I’m still having a hard time with water :smiley: .

The marble of the columns seems beautiful but…What are these gray marbled textures in front of the fountain, just at the bottom left corner of the image? They show an abrupt seam splitting two different tones of gray that -honestly- doesn’t make much sense within the overall image…

Anyway the result is good, and the concept is nice. Keep the good work going!

The blur in photoshop is ok but the column’s reflection should have blur too, as the light travels just as far from the pool reflection.

Nice start though.

Nice work Blenderist. I’m completely new at blender but I’ve been practising some basics before I start attempting to model. Something I learnt yesterday was how to use the focal blur on the camera. This is for rendering using yafray only, but if you edit the camera you can modify the DOF distance and Aperture to focus on a part of your scene (Yafray DOF panel - after you select Yafray as the rendering engine).

The DOF distance shows a marker that moves along the line of vision from the camera so you can easily set it at the correct position on your object. The aperture setting will modify the size of the area around that position which is in focus.

If you do this you won’t need to postpro in photoshop and the focal blur will be correctly graduated.

The one thing I can’t figure out is how to get rid of the textured lens effect that comes with the blur - a smooth blur would be nice.

Here is a simple blend showing the effect. The attached sample also shows that DOF blur does not seem to occur in the reflection…