This is the first time that I remember that I post something here in finished works, coments are welcome.

I modelled those objects specially for this scene:


Cool! That looks pretty good! Especially the last image!! Though, the cross in the bottom 2 is very distracting. Maybe you could move it up higher? Or onto the wall? It kinda seems like an off-center reticle.

The second two renders look good, but the inside of the fountain looks too bright and the perspective feels off due to the shape of the grass/walkways.

Thanks for the comments Colossal Cake and LilSweden, this is a remodelation of a place that already exist. The shape of the space is not of a rectangle or a square, the shape is not regular, that is the reason of the weird perspective, and that black cross is already there too.

The lights inside the fountain have a blue color.