Four Comcast Spots

Hello fellow blender users! I’ve been using blender for a little over a year now and am a big fan of this application. I was recently lucky enough to get to work on a nice project with a good friend of mine. We busted out four :30 spots for comcast cable in about 3-5 weeks + a few long days in the end in order to deliver on time. We mostly used the Lox build from Blender Nation so big thanks to him! We took advantage of a lot of the new 2.42 features like Groups, Composite nodes and vector blur. The characters are all 2D. I built them mostly in Illustrator because the client needed them for print as well. I then imported into Blender and used the armature envelopes on the curves to set them up for animation. The Client was very happy with the end result and I hope to post some tutorials later specifically about 2D animation using blender.

I don’t have much to say other than very nice job.

The styling was excellent. The blend of the 2d characters into the 3d environment was very smooth.

Again, just well done.

Bravo! Nice work.

Yes, tutorials and/or tips would be great. Have wanted to experiment in this area after seeing other commercials but mainly after seeing the 2D into 3D animatic done for the Incredibles (Dash’s big chase -which you can see a bit of in the DVD special features)

Very good!

wow good job
very creative
too bad i got aol

by the way is that offer going on now?
thats a really good deal!

nice job! :]

Fantastic work! I think this should be in the gallery since it demonstrates blender used for a professional purpose.

hey thanks for the nice comments guys! I had a blast working on these spots even though it was a real tight turnaround. we produced these over at Laika which used to be the old Will Vinton studios (california raisons, pj’s, m&m’s etc…). I was originally approached to produce these in moho or flash but, I had been experimenting with using Blender for 2D animation and because the client wanted the camera moving around so much I thought blender would be the way to go. Also I needed to produce alot of artwork in Illustrator for the client for print work. Moho is a great program but it’s terrible at importing illustrator artwork. Blender imports .AI files perfect with no problems. Needless to say I’m pretty addicted to blender at this point. I’m looking forward to posting some video tutorials i’ve been recording which deal specifically with 2D animation in blender.

great work.Very cool.

Can you upload them somewhere else? Google video would do fine, there I can download it…

Adobe insists on not porting flash to 64-bit.

It’s a very good job, very nice :slight_smile:
How many people was working in this project?
What’s your second choice as 3d app?

great spots, they are very good at getting the view of your clients point across.

Hey jazzdalek,

looks really professional. Nice to see someone who knows how to use the edgetool (hmm… you did use the edgetool, right?)

I send you a PM (in case you would miss it)


Nice job jazzdalek. Your work got my attention…which an effective advert should do.

really nice … shows blender’s powa in commercial sector …

Good to see Blender used once more in the commercial industry!

Like the style. Differs in a positive way from other commercials of the same
(somewhat broad) stylistic catagory. Thumbs way up!
Looking forward to your tutorial! Really would like to see a bit about how you
did it, since I myself have been wanting to experiment with some 2D/3D stuff
in Blender. 2D and 3D are really powerfull when combined…

//The M.h.p.e.

Really great stuff, very impressive. 5/5 stars from me.


Outstanding work! And yes, I’d love to see a tutorial.

Did you do the script and voice overs too?

Moved to gallery section.