Four-door sedan

Hi all!

I’ve decided to do some quick job besides my TR project.
This project isn’t focused on maniacal details like my mentioned long term project.
I just need to shift faster gear and do something…

As you can see, the overall body is almost done.
It seems like an easy task - especially because I used one of Renafox scans as a reference.
It is a blocky vehicle, which doesn’t mean it is easier than complex cars like LaFerrari. There is a couple of small details on the bodywork and it is easy to destroy your mesh flow completely on this narrow, blocky, and flat areas…
Anyway here is the first WIP screenshot…


Hi, just a small update -I’ve finished all exterior badges… It’s a couple of subdivided meshes with basic materials - screenshots are taken directly from workbench render…

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small update, quick test render with basic materials…

Background HDRI Haven


Looking good! I’m a huge 60’s american car design.
Are you using Cycles or any external tool for the materials?

Hi, another quick render with some post-production … As you can see, I’ve added a couple of details here and there… Still a lot of work but not so far from exterior milestone!


Thank you! Yes, I’m using Cycles…

I’ve finished mirrors, radio antenna, rear glass and couple of other details mostly on the rear bumper…


Looking great already! Reflections on the panels seem very nice as well, so i’m assuming you use the zebra material to check for irregularities?

Now this is what I’m talking about. Way more interesting to look at than another Audi R8 render. I love it. I want one.

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