Four Seasons

(small version, got a 4250x1024 size to lol)





Let me know what you think about it (c&c welcome :p), if any of you need a wallpaper just let me know :yes:

greetz all :eyebrowlift:

Great tree! I like what you have done here. Good concept and execution.

I wwould put some flowers in the grass for spring, and possibly some longer grass for summer. Ialso would change the sky for each. (I know, I know it’s finished).

imho the shadow is too dark.
plus the background tells me that the sun is going down (or maybe up; right behind the tree), but the shadow is more like it is noon.

you may consider taking different backgrounds for every season anyway, since now it doesn’t have any variety.

how about lens-flares?

what i like is the lighting and the colors. great mood!

The only critique I can make is, the area under the tree is black black black, like a velvet oil spill, no good. Everything else is great!

Nice work…nice concept

But I think you should also change the kind of lighting/light and background for each season.
Autumn: grass can be a bit darker / brown-ish.
Summer: very fresh green color for the grass, and summer sun


Good concept and composition…
One thing I would correct is the sky texture, that one you put can’t be right for every season… That sky could be OK for summer but you have to found other textures…
Very good however

sprint and summer look identical and you need a different sky for each season

why is the snow under the tree and nowhere else? shouldnt it be the other way around?

I like. I would maybe put the sun in different positions.

(Did anyone else think this would be a model of a hotel? :wink: )

thanks all! sorry for the late reply but with the ongoing holidays I couldn’t find the time to reply :slight_smile:

I’m not going to change anything anymore as it is a finished project BUT I agree with all of your comments and will keep them in mind for my next project(s) to futher improve them :slight_smile:

greetz and happy holidays everyone!