Four Seasons

My Intention is to have a short video that goes through the 4 seasons. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. I have currently been working on summer. I will not simply be creating 4 different images and be transitioning between them. Starting with summer I actually will be animating the transition to fall by animating; Color change of the leaves, grass color change and death/wilting, From Fall To winter; Falling of the leaves, Snow falling, snow buildup. Winter To Spring; Snow Melting, grass growing/changing color, rain, Tree Starting to grow new leaves. Spring to summer; Grass color change, leaves full grown and color change.

The Image is what I have for summer at the moment. All Blender and Rendered in Cycles to 1000 passes. I have Ambient Lighting (Background Under Environment Texture) set to 1 and a sun lamp with a value of 5.

Crits and comments welcome!

This will be a slow going process as far as picture updates as I have my cell for net and that is all atm.

Wow 60 plus views and no crits or comments? Does anyone feel like leaving feedback on lighting, texturing, modeling? Anything? I really need to figure out how to post a picture from my cell phone…

I can give some feedback while I am here I guess :slight_smile:

The sky looks just fine. The tree leaves look good, but I think the main trunk of the tree is a little too plain looking (like its just a smooth cylinder). As for the grass, I think the distribution and color as just fine, but they really need some variation. Right now it looks too weird with thousands of blades of grass all rigid looking and pointing almost all perfectly straight up.

Now the grass pointing up may or may not be a problem if you plan to use of effectors or something to give it a wind effect, but I don’t really know what you had planned.

Anyways, hope this helps :slight_smile: Good luck o/

i beg to differ about the sky. it looks good, BUT the gradient is wrong. if you dont feel like adding clouds than the order, and amount of turidibility changes. idk if this is supposed to be day or dusk but iether way it should be almost white at the horizon, then sky blue, the a short gradient to a darker saturated royal/navy blue based on time of day.

i agree about the tree.

make low poly grass blades and group them togeather then use groups in the hair settings to make the grass blades have the v shape and bends and also so they have a good variaty of types and shapes of grass. throw some weeds into the group maybe even.

in the end this is your work, and i would hate it when people tell me WHAT to do as apposed to how i can make what I want to do work to MY advantage… and i know thats exactly what im doing in this post, but take it with a grain of salt and do what you want to do with it, and know that this post is more educational than about telling you how to make it better per say.

I like the concept a lot!

The image I think looks too plain (don’t know if you’re planning on adding more elements to the image as it is shown at the moment). The grass looks too stiff (straight), the tree looks a bit too generic.

Unless it’s a night scene I think overall it looks a bit too dark. Brightening it up a bit could make it look better. Don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t see any shadows at all.

Overall it looks ‘okay-ish’ but you could push it and make it a lot better. Make the tree trunk a bit bigger and play with the shape, don’t just leave it straight up like a tube. Look up how grass looks during the summer, usually there will be some dried up patches scattered around, make some variety of grasses and plants or add some rocks and boulders to break up the monotony of the same grass over and over.

Uff, I could go on but I think for now I’ll just leave you with that heheh. Hope it helps in some way! :smiley: Looking forward to seeing your progress.

I think everything looks fine. Not a fan of the tree, just looks very odd. To smooth, and the curvature of the tree near the top looks weird.

i kindof agree about the tree… its not that i think you shouldnt have it… i think you just need to do a little more re working in the curve editor

Sweet crits and comments! Lmao. Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to post a reply. Because most of you commented on the same basic things I will address them as such…

The grass: I currently have 3 groups of grass all differant shapes, colors and sizes for the particle systems. I will tweak these further and also adjust the particle settings so that they aren’t all pointing up. I will also create another group of grass and have it be more along the lines of brown patches. I will also create some weeds to throw in the mix as well. I will adjust where these are placed via vertex groups and weight painting. I never thought or considered those 2 things!

The sky: this is meant to be mid day in the summer. I will adjust my gradient accordingly.

The tree: the trunk actually does have a v split about half way up just before the leaves start…the tree was turned wrong in this picture. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but I think the leaves look too large for the tree in general. I will be adjusting that also. I think I will re create the tree completely to adjust the size of the trunk and the leaf size as well. I will also look into adding some texture to the tree so it doesn’t appear so smooth.

Overall: I never thought of putting anything else in the picture. I wanted the tree to be the main focus. I will add in some rocks though…that was a good idea!
I currently only have a sun lamp set to to 5 with a yellow tint and the world color has a tint of blue and set to 1. I just realized that I did not have AO on so I will turn that on also. That should help with the shadows…oh and the sun is directly above everything pointing almost straight down. I will change this also to maybe help with the shadows.

Thank all of you for your critique. Whether good or bad I appreciate it all. I will make adjustments as I see fit based on all of your I put and try to post another picture asap. I don’t have net on my pc only my phone so I have to figure out how to post a picture via my phone onto this site…

Ok so turning AO on not such a good idea…after almost 9 hours of rendering on dual GeForce GTX 560 ti video cards in SLI…less than half was done…

iirc, SLI isn’t used in blender, but you should instead disable SLI and just tell blender to use both cards (via user prefs) at once. Also, what insane resolution and passes are you using to only be 50% done with GPU!? My forum avatar rendered at [email protected] passes with only a single GTX 550 Ti only took 6 hours. Are you sure you are set to GPU and not CPU? Something seems off somewhere.

You also might want to check your tiles, Andrew price did a piece on speeding up rendering times. Changing the tiles dramatically can increase or decrease render times.

I am rendering at 1920x1080 at 1000 passes! I don’t recall what my tile size was but I changed it to 256x128 and it renders in about 30 minutes now…the only way I can update everyone from my phone is with an external link…sorry. but here is the link to what I currently have I removed the tree to help with render times while I worked on the grass. I have made a vast amount of changes. I will be re working the tree tomorrow.

Crits and comments on the rework please!

You took out a tree, changed your tile size, and managed to go from 9 hours to 30 minutes?! Impressive :slight_smile:

Anyways, I think the light is looking better now, but I am still scratching my head about why all of the rocks appear married. They are all paired up :slight_smile:

Yes they are LOL. I just thre some of them in there to check textures.

The grass is looking a lot better now! Its still looking a bit stiff in my opinion but none the less it’s looking quite good so far. The rocks look to even. Like troubled said, they look in pairs and that looks very odd. I don’t remember what the rule is called but it has something to do with odd numbers. Make the rocks groups of 3 (three rocks per group). For some reason uneven numbers make it look more realistic then even numbers.

You mentioned a few posts back that it’s supposed to be a mid day scene. The sky does convey that but the ground seems a bit to dark. Try increasing the intensity of the sun lamp and giving it a slight orangey color.

Other than that it’s looking very very nice!

So before I read the above post I had this ready for upload…I followed your advice and grouped them better in the image that is currently rendering…will post when it is done…might tweak the grass first and then re render…

That’s looking very nice! Can’t wait to see it with the tree soon

That last upload is looking much better, I also cant wait to see the tree back in the scene.

Awesome progress man! great Idea as well, I can imagine during the transitions between the various seasons, wind acting on the grass and snow, really nice!

As for what I have to say, I see you took out the tree completely in your last two updates, I hope its just temporary as having the tree as a focal point really worked well. However in my opinion, it was far too simple, I’d spend more time on the actual modeling of the tree, it could be all bendy and old and curvy with a very thick base and its roots spilling on the floor to add a lot of character.

Here are some images to further illustrate my point: , ,

As for the grass, it’s looking much better and realistic, perhaps adding some colour variation such as yellow ocre to some grass blades could add more interest:

Other than that it’s looking awesome! ANd the rocks are a great detail as well, looking forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:

Here is the much anticipated update…lol…I reworked the tree if you didn’t notice…the old one was made with the sapling plugin for blender…I hand made this one…yes it is currently leafless…I am making the vertex group for the particle system for the leaves right now. I will not be having the wind effect the snow or leaves or grass…cycles likes to crash when I do that…Luis-Felipe this tree should fit what you were thinking…and thank you all for the comments and I retest!