"Four Towers" Apartment house

This is my project “Four Towers” Apartment house.

Thanks a lot Jeff Bate (Blend Swap) for playground models.

Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Full size image

nice professional work

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Really excellent work. Just a word from an architectural rendering standpoint. In many cases nearly all perhaps, this is used as a marketing tool for those wanting to invest in the structure or attract tenants to the structure. You are also trying to place the structure in the ‘working’ world. So besides the still life you perhaps need some more human activity/interaction with the structure. Human interaction adds scale it mostly helps to move the model from that of a representation to that of a functioning part of the environment that it’s in. This is important for those wanting it to be built/sold all the way to those that would ultimately be the end users of the building.

Excellent model. Rendering just could use a bit more activity, traffic both vehicular and pedestrian. Just as a thought you may want to create a library of models of people walking, sitting and a few vehicles of various types that are indicative of the location you are modeling in. That way you can just add them in as needed. You can also access free/payware model archives for this. One of the freeware sites I use is…


Cheers and keep up the great work

Thanks a lot for feedback and for your advice Ronson2k3!

Nice render it look gorgeuos

Thanks a lot Clous! I’m glad you like it.