Four View & User Persp

How come when I start Blender I am in the ‘user persp’ view, and then when i toggle to the Four View (top, side, front, persp) the Perspective camera is the ‘Camera Persp’ view?

The camera is locked in place, so when I dolly that view it goes to a ‘User Ortho’ view, and then I have to toggle it from ortho to persp to get what I want…

I just want that top right panel in the four view to always go to the ‘User Persp’

is this possible?


set it the way you want after opening blender, then go to “file>save user preferences”. Next time you open Blender it will start the way you saved it.

Sorry, my problem is that when I toggle from the full ‘User Persp’ view to the Quad View, my top right view in the Quad View is the ‘Camera Persp’.

I just want the top right view in the Quad View to be my ‘User Persp’

how do i set this?

Don’t think that’s possible, but i do think there’s a shortcut to maximize and minimize one of you 4 viewports so you don’t have to toggle them all the time. But i’m not sure.