Fourm (Newbie Regular...)

Is it based on posts per day or total posts?


how many posts do you need before you don’t have that “Newbie” by your name?

Who cares, it is just a title.

about 30 i think :-?

Why bather about it? :wink:

Why do post counts continue coming up? Your title seriously dosn’t matter. How helpful you are to the community is whay really matters.

just so you don’t ask, you get groupie at 30, Guru at 100, and monkey at 500,
mod at 20000 (why not?)

because Modron will at the current rate be the first one to reach 20k? [in 2.28 years at current rate]

… I think the current moderators do a pretty good job

post count is somewhat significant however, not counting spam it is a good indication [when compared to how long they have been here] as to how active someone is in the blender community

  • Regular at 50

groupie is 25, not 50.

Here is my understanding: newbie is 1-25, regular is 25-50, groupie is 50-100, guru is 100-500, monkey is 500-999 (when you reach 999 it says “so close”), then monkey forever after.

Goodbye, I am going to play some Dismount games.


Okay I’ve always wanted to ask this:
What the heck is a groupie?

Groupie: n. Slang.

  1. A fan, especially a young woman, who follows a rock group around on tours.
  2. An enthusiastic supporter or follower: a ballet groupie; a fashion groupie.

Lol Who hasnt tried those Dismount games should.
They rock.
My 3 year old bro plays the truck one a lot.

And at 666 it says “Satan”

And I heard that at 69 it’s supposed to say “Forum Pervert” but I’ve never seen it myself…