Fox Fluffy Puppet (The Little Prince)

Hello everyone!
In the latest days i came across the some concept/images of the Fox puppet off “The Little Prince” (such an amazing book to me!) so I’ve decided to model this fluffy companion it in Blender :slight_smile:

I’ve to admit that m not really into realistic(kinda) rendering, so this is far from being perfect^^’
Anyway, I gave my best into it and I’m still pretty happy about the result, as the foxy is looking pretty fluffy to me! :°) Final render is made in Cycles (@400 samples, 1080px*1080px) with some compositing added via Blender nodes.

Here it is an AO render of the scene, and by clicking on the link below you can download a package with an Hi-Res picture and a vertical-cutted one which can fit perfectly as background for mobiles :slight_smile:

Hi-Res + Phone Screensaver ->

C&C are welcome!
Thank you for spending your time by watching this little cutie foxey :°>


That’s adorable!
Well done