FOX News Graphics

(dickie) #1

i don’t feel like typing in the html links.
theses arez somez imageeees i didz for dee ol station.
everything was modeled in blender and then flopped
into lightwave for rendering/animating.

um… the nascar doesn’t come close to anything
rixtr or grandpa pop out, but…um…it’s a news graphic, damn it!


(BgDM) #2

Well dickie, coming from a huge NASCAR fan, (even though I’m from north of the border :smiley: ), I have to say that this is pretty cool!!

The only problem I have is that NASCAR cars do not have a CART/F1 wing on the back of the truck deck. Take a look at and look at some of the car pictures there. Other than that, the car model is pretty solid.

Can you post an anim of the intro for us to see?


(blengine) #3

naval lint = dickie?? hahahehe u crack me up… really really great pic! but i hate nascar! stupid things runs for like 6 hours and delays my simpsons on sunday… i mean, cmon, who needs to watch cars drive around 200 times…they should just broadcast the last lap… then id watch it :wink:

(dickie) #4

yeah, the car sux compared to the real thing.
lol. :slight_smile:
it’s been involved in several animations.
im redoing parts of it during the feeble time i
have to devote to it at work. i’ll try and get some
short quicktimes up this week.

it’s boring stuff compared to…
well just about anything, i mean it’s news. tehehe :slight_smile:

(BgDM) #5

imgranpaboy: you don’t watch it to see who wins!! c’mon. We watch it to see them wrech and possibly blow up!! :wink:

Oh, and ot’s also an excuse to drink copeous amounts of beer!!


(woiak) #6

ha a fellow newsy,

I work for CBS58 in Milwaukee, ben there about two and a half years.
unfortanatly I don’t get to do much 3d or animation in general.
I’m responsible for all day to day graphics (three shows a day) leaves me an average of 5-10 minutes per-graphic (lots of photoshop)

but couldn’t use blender if i had the time. We have all Mac’s


(dickie) #7

hey right on!
it’s been about two years for me too.
when i worked for KSL NBC in SLC Utah
i did 2-3 shows a day, photoshop, so there was never
down time to do 3d. and the art director did all the
animating anyway, so…

FOX is cool though cuz
we have 2 total shows a day and i was hired to
animate 3-4 hours a day, then pump out photoshop stuff
for the 10 PM show the rest of the time…
yeah fo FOX!


(ScottishPig) #8

<No comment on nascar racing> Nice pics!