Fox [Standing]

Ok this is my first animation ever, so be nice. It’s a standing animation for a game, this animation will be used when you are not moving the character. Please tell me what to add or change. This is beta 1.0…so it will change xD

I posted a comment on YouTube.

It’s a good start. The tail is too rigid. So far though the rigging looks good.

  • Floyd

The tail is too rigid.

Too rigid? What is rigid, and I’l make the tail look less stiff. Thanks for your comments:)

Early in the anim the tail moves as though it were one solid piece. Later it does have more motion in the tip, but it looks more like someone is holding it. I think what you have so far is good. Keep at it and I’m sure the motion will look more realistic. At the moment I am working on a theme chopper myself. When I finish it I plan to animate a still I posted on It’s a still of a playground made of candy. The animation will have ‘gummy’ children playing on it. Keep up the good work.

  • Floyd

I looks pretty good :smiley: I’d say break up the actions a little more, but the blinking did that pretty well. when he stands up, the motion is a litle ‘keyframed’. So, to help there, i’d really just make his joints looks less stiff, and make sure he hovers a little at his top height. Lastly, the blinking is kinda more like eye-skushing :smiley: Maybe shapekeys for those (supported in GE now! hurrray!) good start though :smiley: pretty fluid head movements

Just want to add to the tail wagging thing. I think the posterior moves too much when the tail is wagging. It almost looks like the tail is so heavy that it’s forcing his rear end to shake with it.
And when he stands up it looks like his rear end is caving into his body, especially when he is at his most upright position.
Pretty good job. It’s better than I can do right now.

Maybe shapekeys for those (supported in GE now! hurrray!)
I can’t get them to work, I know how to use them. But when I go to the logic briks and then on my object. Choose the shape action acutator. And then put my shape action there and types the starting frame number. It still won’t work??? Why…:eek: