Toonist here!!! I havent posted for a while but here is the reason (I am still a beginner so it took a while for me to make that)

Taking it to be a figurine (and a sly, clever joke that plays well … “she’s a foxy lady, all right!” … the quote from Psalms notwithstanding and not conflicting), I think it simply needs: eyes, and fill-light. Maybe slight tweaks of the fingers of the hands, which are normally not absolutely straight even in sculpture.

Camera position is good. Composition is good and tight. We need a soft colored fill-light from the rear to bring-out the rear profile of the figure and to define the surface she’s kneeling on.

Be very subtle in that adjustment. Your lighting keeps my attention on the front of the figure as it should be, through the use of a gentle gradiation of the light on the back scrim. (There is a slight banding to this light which needs to be fixed, perhaps by oversampling.) I’m thinking that a very soft broad fill coming from about eight o’clock behind the camera will serve both purposes without introducing an unwanted “second direction” to the light. Somehow also you need to get a little separation under the chin. Maybe a little omni-light about 12:00 directly overhead, not so much for the figure as for the background.

When you do the eyes, don’t forget that there must be a catch-light in the eyes. The eye-bone structure is very good as is all of the lighting and shape detail around it. It’ll be very important that the eye is within the socket, even if it is a cartoon-eye. The eye must of course be feline. Maybe you’ll decide that it should be a sculpted eye. If so, if you leave the red-light in it then you have created a magic cat; a god-cat. In any case, the eyes of your figure will receive the most, and the most repeated, scrutiny of any point in the shot; you will ultimately win, or lose, the battle there.

I see a little unexplained redness at the base of the right ear. It almost looks like a light-leak from inside.

The use of contrast is nice. On my screen the interior of the left ear (front edge) is opaque but not abruptly or completely. Good.

I like your use of rim-lighting to establish the contours and textures of the object, and your treatment of the bustline. I like the fact that the figure, while obviously plasticine or jade, is not too shiny. The slight soft-focus effect works well for a portrait.

Nicely done. Very nicely done. You’re obviously not quite the “beginner” that you seem. 8)

That style looks quite unique. Good job

Thanks for your comments sundialsvc4. I will remember your tips in the future… Possibly. (heh heh…)