FPP Engine of the future

Hi guys.

Yep next war’ll be here :smiley: . Anyway. What in you opinion should have/include/consist of good engine for first person perspective shooter in XXI century?

What you don’t have inside ID or Havoc, and you wana to get?
What functionality do you expect?

e.t.c. I’m very interested what you wana to see, get;) ?

Moove your imagination please!

Be able to shoot people in the hand and their hand falls off.

Be able to shoot people in the shoulder and their arm falls off.

Be able to shoot people in the leg and their leg falls off.

Be able to shoot people in the whatsits and they fall to their knees covering their genitals.

Be able to lose quite a bit of health when you fall off a cliff 3 metres tall.

That’s a good idea. When big leaders want to go to war, why don’t they just play Halo, CS or if they’re daring, Star Wars Battlefront

And be more adventurous in graphics in the XXI century, a good example is XIII.

0 arm 1 no arm
0 leg 1 no leg

enyone else hehe


The player must be able to use objects, vehicules.
The keyboard layout must be customizable :smiley:

you’re all being too basic - those things are already available!

i’d like to see a new ragdoll implentation where the bullets have velocity and upon hitting the enemy (or player) the velocity calculates the impact and changes (if enough) the motion of the hit object - so hitting a box would cause it to either blow up or move backwards - and if a moving vehicle was hit then it would alter its path some - that or damage the mesh - it wouldn’t be that hard - just have it be looking for the velocity and which vertices are hit - then those vertices are displays a relative amount - instant deformation!

i’d like to see better reflections and transparency - there’s no point having raytracing as this is too complicated for most GPUs and CPUs but atleast better faked ones - something like environmental maps but with sticky locations and stuff…

like mentioned though - better use of controls and controllers with fully user defineable settings. Control of gamma, contrast, framerate, detail and lots more little physics stuff.

a console - and a print command - prints on the screen or in the console with a modifer!

there’s more - they’ll come to me…

Ok. I though about more abstractive things like that:

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haha… chutney… i like your thinking!

anyone ever played soldier of fortune 1???
amazing game that did all those things you said

it’d be hard in blender, lots of invisibel objects on the bodies to detect where its getting shot and replaceing the mesh with the same except a missing arm and adding another arm,… it’d be really hard and unpractical in a blender game

interacting with every mesh on the engine can be a lot of fun.
hl2 already did that,but only with objects needed to develop the story of the game,i would like to see interaction with all the objects…
everything able to break,transform ect…

that will be a lot of fun,and i think its not very far. :slight_smile:

more story and gameplay, i ´d like to see better graphics, but what does it
help if the gameplay sucks. Look at todays games , they don´t even ask some storywriters, especially not paying them (few exceptions, maybe Deus Ex and Shenmue (rockz). I´d like to see some new kind of puzzles (like in Project Eden up to the forth or fifth level). And maybe some optional stuff
built in where you really have to think and use some imagination.

I don´t like games where you have to search hours for the level exit, with repetitive gameplay and the entire level looks alike cause they had no texture designer. I tend to get bored and loose orientation then. What i really would like to see are some games which, hmm, at least try to teach you something useful. Educative stuff: Learn by playing, that is effective and i did have an excuse for wasting my time, whereas if the game turns out to be plain stupid ii feel fooled.

AFTER game companies realize that, i might even consider buying a new graphics card or other gadgets. Not before, at least not for gaming.

Maybe a bit more realism, IE, if you get shot in the shoulder, not only will you not be able to use that arm effectivly, but your screen would jerk sideways as when you get shot your body jerks. Same thing with enemies.

The camera needs to be a lot looser, so when you’re running it’s not some bob motion that’s on the camera, it’s like you’re actually running. It’s not smooth. When you jump and fall a long ways, you hit hard and fall down, maybe break a leg. When you fall down your vision goes sideways. Stuff like that would be fun to mess with.


It would be so cool if someone made a .blend of what Pooba said.

The only thing is, when you put in more and more realism, then it tends to the the fun away, for example: I have a friend who hates Counter-Strike, becuase whenever he plays it and gets hit once or twice, he always dies. So he never plays it anymore. But he will play Halo or Starwars Battelfront becuase you can get hit about 5 times or so before you die.

The more realism, the easier it is to get kills.

BTW im a camper in most FPS :stuck_out_tongue: