Fps, 3ps... 2ps?

I was just thinking… Is there such a thing as a second person shooter? And if you know what it is, could you please explain it to me?

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The second-person narrative is a narrative mode in which the protagonist or another main character is referred to by employment of second-person personal pronouns and other kinds of addressing forms, for example the English second-person pronoun “you”.
Example: You are not the kind of guy who would be at a place like this at this time of the morning. But here you are, and you cannot say that the terrain is entirely unfamiliar, although the details are fuzzy. —Opening lines of Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights, Big City (1984)

Twist a plot and choose your own adventure books are written in second person. For example, a tiny snippet of a story I began to write in second person:

It’s an hour before dawn as you cross the courtyard and head for the gatehouse. A few guards patrol the walls, but otherwise the place is deserted. A light rain begins to fall and the wind picks up, scattering leaves across the wet cobblestones.
“Morning Ayleth. You’re out early.” Lt. Meurik is on gatehouse duty this morning, and looks miserable.
“Try another game Robert. The dice rarely favor you.”
“You’d think I’d have figured that out by now. Looks like a storm.”
“Trust me, I’d rather be abed.” You gather your cloak about you and look up at the sky.

A second person game would probably be something like a point and click adventure, puzzle game, like Myst or similar. Maybe something like: “The rusty lock eventually yields to the pressure of your sledge hammer, and you enter the room. Looking around, you see a window and a pile of money. If you’d like to pick up the money, click the pile of cash. If you’d like to jump out of the window, click on the window”

That sounds confusing, but I think I get it. Thanks.

Just think twist a plot books. It’s always “You do this…” etc. Like someone narrating your life. It’s almost never used except in twist a plots and choose your own adventure books. Also advertising, now that I think of it.