FPS camera issue


I have searched in the forums for this problem, but I am not sure what it’s called so I decided to make this thread.

Basically I have the camera set up (with a script) so that it can freelook properly. The problem is when I try to move the character. I want it so that when I look in a direction, and press w, the character moves in that direction. Similarly with the other directions.

Anyone have a script for this or an idea?

use local motion [the L button on the motion actuator]

Hmmm no I don’t think that’s the problem. I am actually using your mousescript (with a cube and a camera) and an empty for the ‘character’. So when I use: keyboard -> and -> motion (dloc), it will only move in one direction, regardless of where I move the camera.

post a blend and i will take a look!

Ok this should work:


The way I worked around this is by parenting the camera to an empty (whereon you attach the script), and putting an empty under it. making the lower empty movable with locals and logic bricks. that should do it ;).

I hope this helps.


Hmm ok well i took a look and i see what you mean but just use this one i have modifyed to move and it hase a cube so feel free to use it

Great. Thanks a lot!

No problem man anytime :smiley: