FPS Camera suggestions

Hi everyone! I’m making a game that involves fps and my current mouselook script is alright but has to much free movement and lets the player look down to the point they can see there weapon floating in front of them. Also, I have to flip my camera upside down to make it work. So, if anyone has a good camera setup they want to share I’d appreciate it:D


some where in the script you will find

#set camera rotation limits
high_limit = 180
low_limit = 0

and this is what looking for… right?

:eek:Okay I do feel a little dumb and/or blind for not noticing that earlier. Then, again the whole script thing leaves me baffled every time

doesn’t it help?

import gameLogic as g

that still works? it is logic for a long time now.

from bge import logic
#and use logic instead of gameLogic
import bge
#and use