FPS Character Problem

He can walk through walls. I know this has something to do with Making a cylinder around him and then using it. So basically I will need my camera to be inside a cylinder and use that for controls. So how can I make this cylinder thing work, is it just invisible?

Ya, just make a cylinder and parent the character to it. Make all the faces on the cylinder invisible, and make it a dynamic actor with the Cylinder for bounds. Just don’t use dloc, or it’ll still go through walls.

If I can’t use dLoc how could I make it move? oh ya, how do you set to invisible?

ok, to set an object invisible you can: (A)Set its Alpha to 0, or, (B) make an “Always” Sensor, an “And” controller, and a “Visibility” Actuator. just connect all of those together and it will be invisible. now for the movement, you can just use linV.

I’ll do that. By the way the way what is the difference between linv and dloc?

i dont really know… but i use linV ALOT more then i use dloc… it seems to work more effeciently for me…

I think that linV stands for linear velocity, but I do not know for sure, and I think that dLoc stands for distance and location or something. dLoc does cause the character to go through walls, so use linV. For rotation though, you can use dRot (though if you’re making an FPS, you would not want rotation…). Also, make sure your ground has a material with friction on it or you’re character will slide. I hope that helped.


Actually, the easiest way to make an object permanently invisible is to go into UV face select (F key), select all the faces, and click “Invisible” in the Edit panel. You have to click Copy Draw Mode to make every face invisible.

yeah… but i like my method better… its simpler…(kinda)

LinV is, as mentioned, linear velocity. Speed in a direction, which should be used, and with something to check ground collision as your object will fly if it’s going off a cliff otherwise. In other words, as long as linv is applied the object doesn’t care about gravity.

DLoc has to do with the location. If you set DLoc to .10 the object will move .10 blender units each time. The object will also likely go through wall since it skips the .10 units in front of it, missing the collision detection.