FPS Character right so far?

P2.blend (1.2 MB)Is my FPS Character right so far?

How can I make animations on only 1 timeline for an object?

I just want to see if there’s anything I can do to make my logic bricks more efficient, or if there’s anything that I’m doing wrong and is considered bad practice

Oh, and if anyone knows a gun fire system using rays, can you please tell me? I need a firing system for my guns that doesn’t depend on the actual bullet: Ex: shoot ray, if touches obj, send message to that object and that object will determine how to use that “collision”…or something along those lines

Oh, and I know there are probably some things better done with python, but with my very limited knowledge, I can probably only use logic for everything

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good to me! :smiley: To solve the problem with anims, I set the mouse sensor to ‘Tap’. It still makes the gun keep going, but the arms keep going with it. I’ll try some more things and see what I can do for you. :wink:

EDIT: In addition to setting the mouse sensor to ‘Tap’, you want to turn off ‘TRUE level triggering’. This way, you have to click the mouse each time you want to fire. Just like in a real FPS game. :slight_smile:

ok thanks :slight_smile:
After I figure out the problem with gun switches, I’ll post and see what I get :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and there is more to the game, but I can’t post it because it’s 5 MB :confused: Oh well

5 MB isn’t huge. Put it on Mediafire or Google Drive and I can help out. :wink:

it’s not huge, but it’s huge for uploading here or on pasteall
Yeah, I will once I get gun swapping down pat

Like I told you, Google Drive or Mediafire can handle that file size. I highly recommend one of the 2. I can help with gun swapping, too.

Ok, how do you efficiently switch guns?
So the player starts out with a pistol. You can only pick up guns and they are in a specific order…Ex: gun1 is first gun, gun4 is fourth gun,
so if I have both gun 1 and 4, then I can select either by pressing 1 or 4. (for now, more complex once I get there)

Any recommendations?

Just adjust for the amount of guns you have and the input you want.

This is a very crude form of gun changes that will definitely not work even for 3 guns. Trust me, I’ve tried this I think 4 years ago and I still remember the outcome…very glitch and horrendous results. Plus, I think I’m a more advanced and can come up with better results with less logic…but thanks for the try

I used that (with some obvious changes needed) for about 5 objects once. But eh, whatevs. That vid isn’t by me. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might, I’ve only watched about 3 mins of the middle part… I’ll update an almost completely new character model with gun switch in a few

Hey above all, have fun! :smiley:

Finally got this done, went non-stop and now I’m tired as…you know :confused:
Hard work, but here it is. I just need some suggestions on how to improve it, whether it be more efficient logic or convert logic to python or just a bug glitch fix, that would be appreciated…included the textures this time :slight_smile:TSTBA2.blend (1.19 MB)

Looks alright! It’s on it’s way for sure! One thing I noticed is your hands and gun clip through terrain. A simple fix is to render them on an overlay scene. If you need a tutorial lemme know.

EDIT: I had done it but it wasn’t rendering right. You would need to remake them inside the overlay scene, it seems. Shouldn’t be too hard. And overlay scenes are simple, too. :smiley:

Overlay scenes are for something like pause menus…hmmmm
I know that parented guns can be cross-layer manipulated, but scenes are totally different matter. I have a pause menu but I couldn’t include it in the file because it would be “too big”

Oh, and rendering is usually for still, not games…

Anything that could be more efficient or anything I could fix?

Other than that it looks good. And games render, too. Every time you press ‘P’, it’s rendering. And overlay scenesnfor pause menus? Never heard of such a thing. Background menu, maybe. I always see “use overlay scenes for guns!” But it’s up to you.

I think you are mixing up terms here… a “scene” is the button changer next to “BGE/Blender Internal/Cycles” button
A “layer” is probably what you’re talking about, and yeah I already do that…just look at the layers for my previous post

No no, I definitely meant scene. And it really didn’t look like it. It could be my lack of sleep. I always render my gun in an overlay scene. It works. And it’s easy. I always use overlays for my HUD, as well.

Hmmm that’s interesting…I have to redo the whole character rig because I realized I messed up somewhere and I don’t know where…
Can you give a simple example of what you’re talking about?


You’ll notice I have a small, semi-transparent plane in an overlay. :spin: