FPS contest

ok this is a contest for making a first person shooter
why you ask, to show off! duh.
and to teach newbs to make FPS.

1:must be FPS
2:Must not contain obscene language nudity drug or racial terms use etc. however blood and gore are fine
3:file size must be under 3 Megs to keep things fair, so noone will enter a game then someone comes up with a 32 MB game that just blows the rest of em out opf the water
4:Must be Fun or not fun or medium fun
5:can be any time period and anyplace


He wants to have a contest to see who can make the best first person shooter in the Blender Game engine (eg. you see through the shooter’s eyes, like in GoldenEye). I hope this was what you were asking for…

I am… speechless… :o

Well there goes my plan to make a game about a thug who runs bare-assed down 3rd Street, wherein the objective is to score some ready-rock from some mutha fsckin’ honkeys.



what do you thinkl of this contest
i love it blafenking is the coolest person on elysiun
i hate it blafenking is the coolest person on elysiun

Well your modest, aren’t you. %| I would try, but I’m pretty rubbish at making games :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be a cool game :slight_smile:

ok…all i need now is a tutorial on how to make fps’s! damn…i know nothing about gamemaking in blender! althought i should…tutorial? anyone? PLEAAAASE?!

How convenient… I just got the Gamekit yesterday, :slight_smile: ,

Soo, where do I sign up?

hmmm i just yesterday got approached if i knew anything about moddeling guns for some guys dream of making a fps… yes… contest or now… i wold LOVE to find a tut… or some guidelines… or anything how to get this thing done in blender if its even possible.

PS… what i look for is goig to be used in a possible retail game… not just this contest… so if any are good at these things and are intrested in further gettign thier feet wet… let me know here or through my Deviant art Site listed below

i think thats a good idea :smiley:

It would be exiting to create a fps game using blender engine. but i’m afraid i have no idea were to even start. If someone could fire up some tutorials and guidelines it would be nice.

Nice idea, but when is the deadline?

Cool I’ll sign up! 3 mg is small, how about 10mg limit? :wink:

Does it have to be first person shooter? Why not just first person? I have a first person 3D maze, but you can’t shoot.

i need tutorials!



Is there a Due date?

And aparently blafenking is the coolest person on elysiun. Statistics show. And statistics never lie. :slight_smile:

No where do i see one FPS god you guys are random LOL

A 3mb limit is insane. Unless you have one room and lowres textures, theres no way you can keep it to 3mb. Just look at my HellCastle game, all you do is skydive and land on a building and its exactly 32mb like you mentioned :confused:

its pointless to have a file size limit anyway, if you want to make it fair you set a time limit, not a size limit.

Im seriously not even interested if thats the limit.