fps design

ok heres the .blend for an fps i’m working on. it only has one level so…i’m looking for any comments/crits/sudgestions/ideas or anything else.



Ive had look, and the first thing I noticed, was
a problem with the door opening. Being lazy,
I erased it. Controls are ok. Gun shoots ok,
but the impactflashes sometimes occur inside/behind
the collision face. Bullets seem to live after a collision.
Texture maps are a bit of a mess. Look at instanced
copies, huge textures, graphic card unfrendly textures,
and incompatable textures.

I would look to fit this inside 1meg.

A good start though.


I like how you did the gun :slight_smile: it looks almost like one of the guns from unreal 2004 or one that could be in it :wink:

The door does have problems :-? the game runs pretty fast though, I think you could even add in some more stuff if you reduced the amount of vertices on that sphere, actually you only really need half a sphere.

What are the boxes for anyway?I shot one into the shiny light thing on the ground but nothing happened :frowning:

Anyway, great basic design for a smooth FPS :slight_smile:

lol the circle thing at the end is the teleporter to the next level (if i had one, so it just takes you to the begining of the level) thx for the crits. they are very helpful and since then i’ve come up with some ways to fix those problems. however, what did you mean by spheres? which ones? o and whats the prob with the door? all you do is walk up to it and press e. one of the probs with the bullet collisions is that if i make them dissapear in a collision then the bullet freeze thing doesnt appear sometimes. also the boxes are my temporary AI. (until i can create some animated enemies)

thx again

Ive had another look to see if I could spot
whats wrong with the door, and I think that
the sound files are not packed. Why this should
stop your script working, Im not sure.
Linked through an “and” controller with the
sound sample unlinked, it works.


Bit rusty with sound stuff.

file unavailable for download, any ideas???

Make sure you use internet explorer and right click save target as.It doesnt work on firefox.

yeah thats why it says right clicky… :wink: lol :smiley:

Qake II ???
cool gun!

hey this is xtheagonyscenex it needs help…gun need more modeling and texture arent good…i know im the dev teams texturer for racebound

o shut up . yes well as i told you i’m stuck working on the stupid cars (the one that you can see on the animationworlds website posted above) so you cant blame me for the game being under developed.

I think it is a good start. Adding more level content and better FX would make this more worthy of the title fps. Textureing in rendered textures looks cool, and I think your game would be able to handel it because you already have more frames than you need. Go for it.

As you said you hed resolved some of the
problems, I have downloaded your demo
again. Here,s what Ive had time to find.
You have a problem with bullets not having
any velocity for some reason which I havent
been able to figure out. Could be overly complex
muzzel flash causing collisions.
To remove the instanced textures, unpack your
blend, have a look at the texture folder, delete
any duplicates. Also there is a red texture map.
as its a single colour, this can be much smaller,
or just use vcol. There is a photo shop file still
in the folder. Try to use jpeg, png or tga if you
need alpha. Png compresses better but there are times
when tga,s work better.
Reopen your blend, you will now see any faces
coloured pink that have lost there texture map.
It is a simple job to point them to the correct
“single copy” texture.
The path to the sound files is pointing to a folder
some where on your computer.
I should say that I have broad band so down loadings
not really a problem, but I could imagine someone
with an old dial up connection being less than impressed.
hope this helps.


yes i guess i forgot to delete some of the previous textures i had in that folder. i also realized that the star sphere has way to many polies. all it really needs is like 12 or something like that.