FPS drops randomly

Hi, I just want you to tell what you think can cause a random FPS drop in the game, I’m using blender 2.76b.
My game runs fine at 60 fps, but after a couple of minutes of testing, it just drops to 30… 10… and even 5 fps! after a while it returns to 60 fps… that seems really weird to me, if someone could have an idea or possible reasons for this, I don’t want to upload a blend file until the game is more refined.
Thank you.

turn of vsync in the render panel

Could you share a screen-shot of the Frame-rate & Profile so we could say get a better idea of what’s taking so much processing time?

You can enable this option at -

3D View --> Game --> Show Framerate and Profile

Hi @Dunkelheit,

First of all: Are there any specific reason why you are still using 2.76b? That’s from 2015…

Other than that, you provide too little info to help you.

Random Ideas:
1.) Are there any Python interpreter messages in the terminal when the FPS drop appears?
2.) Are you monitoring your used memory (method depends on OS you are running)?
3.) Do you use/add extensive number of physics objects?

Maybe this helps.

Severan things can be the reason for that, check this post from mogurijin

Collision shapes, check your dynamic and collision object for the collision shape and use the right one

Use collision mask (physics panel)

Use Culling logic and physics (UPBGE)

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Why (UPBGE) :grey_question:

BGE has it too :thinking:

As far as I can tell, activity culling (physics and logic) are UPBGE only feature :slight_smile:


Actually BGE has all of the functions showed in the second screen-shot.

They just aren’t programmed in bpy code for the Properties Window :slight_smile:

heaven forbid. turning off vsync shouldnt be an acceptable solution. :-1:

ive seen this issue before, somewhere between “use framerate” and the screen resolution is what causes this.

in general, vsync and use framerate are very bugged and the simpler solution is to use one or the other.

use framerate keeps the physics and animations in sync regardless of fps less then desired cap (60). but tearing gets pretty bad without vsync.

vsync only sometimes causes smooth fps. while theres no tearing, in some cases (windows 7 classic theme for one), simple scenes can glitch vsync making the frame rate appear very stuttery.

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thank you for the ideas,I will try some things to improve this, turning vsync off doesn’t do it :confused:
And I have something for to check out.

And for the physics I think I keep it very simple, just some boxes, and an invisible low poly path object have physics, the terrain itself has No collision, the character just seems to walk above the terrain but it walks above this invisible path.

Seems to me that you maybe have too many shaders :neutral_face:

Do you have many materials with Specular on?

Do you have any 2D filters on?

I have tried the @Cotaks suggestions and here is the results:

  • vsync off-45>53
  • vsync on-40>50
  • vsync adaptive-29>51

Nop, in fact I have shaders and shadows off :thinking:

You might just have a slow computer like mine :joy: & can’t process simple lighting.
Try disabling all lighting.

Another quick way to tell if your computer is slow, is to look at how much frame-rate you have on a completely empty scene.

ok :frowning: haha, I do have a slow computer but I run some low quality games, mine is not a heavy game (I think), I need to optimize something to make it run smooth. And the other thing that bothers me is that it runs good at 60 fps, then drops, and then again at 60… that is not the behavior of a slow pc… :thinking:

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What I forgot to say here (which was totally my fault :wink:) was to disable -

  1. Create an absolute scene
  2. [DISABLE] V-Sync (so your frame-rate isn’t capped at 60)
  3. Properties Window (Scene) --> (set) FPS (to something high, like -->) 1000

That way you can fully see how much Framerate you can get on an empty seen.
If it’s a number like 600+ FPS (like me) you computer is medicore.
If the number is lower, you might actually have a slower compute then mine :joy:
If not, KUDOS :wink:

I also fogot to ask you -
Do you have any (Anti-Aliasing) samples on?